May 5, 2014

I don't know but we were so fly and so full of cheese, man we got on our cheesey pizza feast. Pizza party tonight!

It was really hard not to freak out while taking these pictures, I'm just too happy with my pizza shirt! I mean, there's a slice of pizza on it? How could I not freak out?! Obviously, pizza is my favorite food, well, actually, one of my favorite things ever. Therefore, I decided to dedicate a blog post completely to the most heavenly taste on earth. Pizza is probably one of the best things mankind has achieved so far. Just imagine sitting on your bed under a huge blanket with a pizza box on your lap and the smell of a hot cheesy pizza... It is paradise! And there are so many kinds of pizza. I could probably never eat anything else but Pizza. Pizza for breakfast is the best way to start the day, guys.
Well, one day, being hungry as always, I thought of pizza (that was hard to guess.). And then, all of the sudden, I had that amazing brainwave. So I went thrifting and bought the ugliest turtleneck ever. I cut off the collar and the sleeves and sewed the pizza patch which I made before on it. I can't put it off since then. The only problem is, it makes me so hungry when I look down!
I am also wearing black lipstick for some ~vibes~, some old DIYed cut-offs, black tights (the most boring yet most worn garment) and the holographic boots my boyfriend gave me for christmas. Wearing these always makes me really happy cause, you know, what's better than tiny rainbows everywhere you go?

Right now, I'm listening to Pizza party tonight for approximately the hundredth time and have been getting so hungry while searching for pizza on tumblr (probably a bad idea). But can we, for a moment, appreciate the fact that finally someone wrote a song about pizza? Applause to the Aquadolls! (does anyone know them? can we fangirl just for a second? They are super cool.) Aaaand you know what else is super cool? Pizza.

no source, sorry.

This AMAZING patch is available here and I LOVE IT SO MUCH I NEED IT.

My lovely cat even joined me while taking pictures. Unfortunately, she hates it when I lift her up, so she wasn't too pleased. So please ignore the fact that she's highfiving my face.
When I looked at this picture, I realized that in this picture, the three best things on earth are combined. David Bowie, or more precisely, Major Tom incorporated by the boots, a slice of Pizza on the shirt and a cat! And then on my endless journey through the depths of tumblr, I found this and completely freaked out.


Okay I needed a few minutes to calm down but I'm back again. I'm so ridiculously hungry, writing this post was a mistake.

Lots of love.


  1. nom nom nom pizza! And your cat is adorable!!

  2. CATS! AND PIZZA! <3 perfection <3

  3. okay pizza is the most delicious food ever (hawaiian is my fave) and also these boots... ahh they're so perfect. <3 xxx

  4. Aha! Pizza! I love that this post is all about it :) Because, why not? And I love that "pizza not patriarchy" patch too!

  5. *ritualistically repeats "praise the pizza"* pizza is simply one of the best things mankind has come up with, you get your carbs, dairy, and tomato sauce aka your 5-a-day all on one mouth-watering slice, how fantabulous right? that shirt is so perfect, and your boots omg asghah i was going to get these a few months ago but I was a few $$ short, and when I went back it was gone, I'm now sobbing and dreaming of pizza while couped up in school, everything sucks right now.

  6. Pizza is the one and only thing I live for, it's freaking amazing and I am so tempted to go get some right now, which I probably will. SHIRT IS AMAZING. I really just love everything you're wearing, but especially rhe ipstick!!!!!!

    Also, I love the fact you said pizza a total of 28 times in this post. (I counted, is that weird? I hope not. I'm kinda a loser haha.)

  7. black lipstickkkkkkkkk! it looks amazing and I'm in love with your shoes as well <3

  8. pizzzzzaaaaa <3
    this post accurately describes my life urgh
    last summer, i ate pizza every lunch for almost a month. it was freaking awesome! but now i'm starving and i don't have any pizza :( ~the struggle is real~
    also i love your outfit with a passion because pizza and black lipstick and shorts and boots and i'm casually going to find a way to steal this outfit from you somehow... :3

  9. I LOVE:pizza, your blong, your outfit, this article... :-D
    Vielleicht erinnerst du dich noch an mich? Ich bin das deutsch, Rookiemag lesende Mädchen, welches immer wieder neue Blogs hatte, ihre alten gelöscht hat... Wir haben uns mal eine Zeit lang gemailt. Und jetzt habe ich eine VERRÜCKTE Idee: Ich möchte ein deutsches Rookiemag gründen, habe auch schon Rookiemag geschrieben und eine Antwort bekomme. Hättest du Lust? Wenn ja, kommentiere doch was auf meinem Blog (meine, sehr neuer Blog, hier und schreib irgendeine E-mail hin. (oder soll ich die von deinem Blog nehmen?) Na ja, ich fände es TOTAL TOLL wenn du Lust hättest mit zu machen! <3

  10. I really like ur blog and pizza, but why are u posting about pizza (Which has actually salami/meat on) and saying that u don´t eat meat...?
    Ok, there´s margharita, but look at the pic of the pizza cat...

    1. Um, there was no picture of a margharita cat, unfortunately... Just imagine it's vegan salami stuff, okay?