Mar 30, 2013

And these cars are crashin' and everybody's happy, when I look in my mirror and my brains are fallin' out of my head there's nothing wrong!

oh the floor is really interesting!!

Here's the place for my usual excuses for the terrible lack of posting, but just read the last few ones.
Well, I am alive! And I even wore something besides a huge jumper and training pants! I also was motivated enough to put on lipstick. That's the point where you should applaude.
I am wearing my Doc Martens, knee socks my mum gave me, a self-sewed lace skirt from last summer, and a lovely crocheted jacket which my Dad gave me for christmas! I had been seeing it in our local store for a year and had been wanting it so badly, but it was too expensive for me. Also my kitten shirt is finally back! I haven't worn it for quite a long time. I was thinking of making a few and selling them on Etsy, would any of you buy them? 
I am still sick, but it's getting better. I spent the last week laying around looking like a mess, drinking tea and taking pills against my headache, and apparently, it helped a bit!
I hope you are all fine!




  1. This is so cute! I love how its simple yet very chic. By the way are you still sending out your zine. You emailed me a while back about but I hadn't heard anything else.

  2. I love your outfit!! Your lace skirt is so cute. Hope you feel better soon.


  3. Oh I love your outfit so much especially the kitten shirt it's so cute !

    Charlie xx

  4. love your dark lip color<3 kitty shirt is too adorable~

  5. I think this is one of my favourite outfits of yours! The cardigan, lace skirt and cat top are perfect together x

  6. you're so gorgeous! Really love the black lipstick - so glad you could be bothered to put it on ;)
    Genie xoxo

  7. I love your skirt! and the kitten shirt! and your outfit omg -_-


  8. You look absolutely gorgeous as always!! Glad that you're feeling better :)

  9. Love love love your outfit!

  10. Mary, as usual...I love this outfit. The cat shirt is adorable!
    Isabella xo

  11. You are so brave with that bold lipstick and it totally pays off! you look amazing! And those Doc Martins! I so want a pair, they are the lovelyest! Your blog and you are super cute! Keep it up! Love Love Love it all! XXX

  12. Such a lovely skirt! I am jealous of your skills.

  13. YES! I WOULD BUY A CAT SHIRT!!!! Your jacket is so so cute, I feel like you should be frolicking in a field of daisies with that outfit on. and as always I love your black lipstick.
    I can't wait to send you your letter, I know i say that every time, but seriously.

  14. Love the crochet cardigan!
    and cat prints are going to be big, aren't they?
    You should totally sell cat shirts on ebay!
    I think you just gained a new follower :)
    perhaps you could follow me, too?

  15. the kitten shirt is really cute!!!! how did you make it?

  16. I'd be interested in buying a kitten shirt if you put them up for sale on Etsy. Cute outfit. I have nominated your blog for the Liebster Award. You can see the details here:

  17. Lots of love for this outfits. Love love love.

  18. your outfit is so cute <3333

    xxx Zari

  19. Gaaaaahhhh You are too cute!!
    This is incredible!! Tots in love

    ★Romiya Fashion Inspiration Blog★

  20. That kitty top is totes amaze and I'm loving that crocheted jacket - just realized we are both 14!

  21. Heya i love your outfit, would you mind checking out my blog and maybe follow? thanks lovely :) xxx

  22. I love love love this outfit. It's adorable!