Apr 25, 2013

If I'm standin' on your mountainside and I'm flyin' through your trees, we're all drivin' our own heads now and I'm dyin' in your plane crash of love.

Hello lovely people! I finally got to do a photo set again, it's been a long time since my last one. I like to pretend I am a super pro at photography, be prepared. So the concept behind this set was exploration. As a little girl, I spend all my free time outdoors, especially on the mountain above the primary school in our village. It's one of the most awesome woods I have ever seen. There are so many amazing places which just feel magical. Since I discovered the special place in the pictures below, which reminds me of fairies, I go there every spring. This time I was too late, but usually, when the trees are in bloom, it's really magical there. There are some trees which somehow grew in a circle, and it's like a tent above you. It's even worth walking through pricky shrubs ( my legs are red and look awful). I have always loved being outside, and everytime I visit these places, I get this adventurous, peaceful feeling. I felt like a girl scout somehow, well, actually it felt really Moonrise Kingdom-esque! Which is an amazing feeling. Obviously. Also, I went alone, only with my camera and my tripod and my black lipstick as my friends. I somehow enjoyed it, it was really relaxing. This sounds like I don't have a social life (I do have). Well, I wear a thrifted blouse, half-thrifted half-DIYed shorts, knee socks my mum gave me, and my Doc Martens. And sorry for my messy hair, I wasn't in the mood to do something fancy or actually, something which doesn't look like I have been in a terrible storm, with it.
I hope you like these photos! They actually turned out the way I wanted them, so I am quite proud.




  1. These are all really gorgeous! I love the second one and the last one. Are these digital or film? I just got a bunch of film developed actually...

    1. these are digital, but I edited them a bit. thank you (: <3

  2. These are so dreamy and how I always imagine my summer will be. Oh and I love your shirt! Have you heard about the David Bowie exhibition in London? It's amazing and you can see all his original costumes and things. Please come to England so we can fangirl over him together <3<3

  3. Your pictures are amazing! Love your shorts, I'm desperately looking for something similar
    Aoife xx

  4. these are so kewwttttt <33 i am 9959593869% jealous of yr shirt and glasses! so dreaaammyyyyyy!! guess what? i went to a david bowie exhibition in london which flower mentioned above and omg i was literally just thinking about how much you'd love all the stuff and how our religion should totally be based around that exhibition <3


  5. Ah these are so gorgeous!! I love the concept behind them, too.

  6. I love these picutres and the outfit as well of course, your blouse is gorgeous !
    I totally thought about Moonrise Kingdom when I saw the picture first so I guess it wasn't just something that felt like that to you. Actually it's pretty amazing that your pictures managed to make me feel something, that pretty much means that they're super awesome ! Therefore, well done !

  7. What a beautiful natural space... The colors seem naturally pastel to me! Your blouse is really pretty too. Anything with flowers is inherently awesome.

  8. Wow!I love all the pictures, they are so beautiful and dreamy...
    Your shirt and lipstick is gorgeous too!


  9. Wowwwwwww amazing photography! your blog just gets better and better - you look so beauitful!

  10. Lovely photos! :) Very cool outfit, girl!
    Love, Leo x
    Pompous Crackpot Notions

  11. Your photographs are really nice and the location is fantastic!

  12. Wow that's really cool how you took these yourself. They look so good. I need to find somewhere like this in my town but I'd always be really nervous that someone would walk past and here my camera on self timer and look at me posing and be like wtf? This has kinda inspired me to take photos using my tripod more often though. I LOVE your shirt <3