Jul 1, 2013

My mind is causing swirlies in my eyes, Lucy danced with me to my surprise, are you awake or is this a lucid dream? I dont know but i'll take this chance.

Hello people with internet access who are reading this (if you do, congrats). Life is weird and kinda amazing. I feel like my brain is melting because of hormones and the sun. It's like too much around me, everything seems blurred and confusing and teenage-esque, but quite cool. Somehow it all seems like tie-dyed fabric, but you know that weird feeling that overcomes you after staring at these swirls too long? That's how I feel all day long. 
Anyways! I HAVE BEEN TO PROM. It was so wonderful and sweet and perfect (besides the fact that I may be the worst dancer ever). I wore a cream-colored dress and had curly hair and my boyfriend was being the cutest, so it was totally great. 
I have been on a fleamarket on Sunday and I bought a giant vest which I'll customize, and two little unicorns. I'll glue them to a flower crown with lots of glitter and then I'll have a really sparkly time. Furthermore, I made some bracelets today, with those cool letter beads, saying stuff like "Riot Girl", "Feminist" and "Weirdo". AIN'T I CREATIVE.
Well, I'm wearing a gifted blouse. It looks really 70ies and has funny sleeves, and a amazing print (see below). Shorts and Crown are both DIYed, shoes are thrifted and the fishnet socks which seem to appear in every post are from Spain, you probably know already. I kinda like these hippie vibes. 
There's nothing else to say besides May your day be sparkly.



PS: I promise I will blog more often soon. xx


  1. Lovely outfit and cool flower crown! Where do you buy the beads for those bracelets because I've really been wanting to make one.


  2. I am in LOVE with that shirt! Great Summer outfit!


  3. the blouse T_T so pretty I want to cry
    these photos are great!

  4. Ah I love this outfit! Will you show us pictures of your prom? :) x x


  5. Great outfit!! Please, show us photos from the prom!!

  6. You've persuaded me with your pictures to finally get off my lazy bum and make a flower crown; I've been meaning to for so long and never got round to doing it. Also, I may have to "borrow" your bracelet ideas too.

    ♦ Heather ♦

  7. wowie, you look so cute! I really like your blog, it got its own magical atmosphere... I'm a fan! <3

  8. i wish i had the courage to dress as rad as you in public! i ain't got the guts to pull off black lipstick in the suburbs. Show us the braclets you made, they sound incredibly cool




  9. This is my favorite outfit of yours so far! Black lipstick makes anything rad, and your shirt is amazing. -Lux


  10. tagged you in a fun question/answer post! blog: instead of an elephant

  11. Hey, I just tagged you for the Liebster Award in my last post! :)