Jul 7, 2013

Look up and see the sky above you, it's nothing but a pool of deep blue so don't just stand there, jump in! Look up and see the birds above you, don't you wanna be high like them too?

Hey cutiepies. My weekend was kinda perfect. I spent the whole time with my boyfriend, we saw the Musical "Sweeney Todd" which was, like, fucking awesome. We had such a great time together.
Well, this outfit is kinda what I've been wearing nonstop for the past few days. The jumpsuit which I got from a fleamarket is really cozy and I love the way it looks like. The tee was a gift, the buttons are homemade, as is the crown. I have also found my old pair of converse sneakers recently - I totally forgot about these. They are actually from a vacation in Canada two years ago (I want to go back to Vancouver one day so badly), and still fit perfectly and are very comfortable. 
And a zine update: I still need many more submissions. The theme is "being sassy", so send me any associations, poetry, texts, rants, collages, pictures, doodles, stories, whatever you have! And please comment here:
1. Who is the sassiest person you know? can be fictional.
2. What was the sassiest thing you have ever done?
Thank you.
In other news: I have a tumblr. It would be great if you'd check it out: unicornlyawesome.tumblr.com

Hope you had a great weekend!



 You may call me the master of cat eyes.
These are some of the bracelets I mentioned in my last post.


  1. super cute! and the sassiest person i know is my little sister ;)


  2. I can not think of anything sassy I have done (boring is my middle name...oh, wait, i already have a middle name), but Lux Lisbon is the queen of sassy. ♕
    Also YOU HAVE BEEN TO VANCOUVER, it is one of my dream cities! I am even thinking about studying there + the jumpsuit and the bracelets are totally adorbs.

  3. Your make-up is lovely! I adore the dungarees! xx


  4. sassiest person would be ricky from my so-called life

  5. OH MY GOSH Sweeney Todd is actually the best musical ever! I love angela Lansbury and the Tim Burton film is very good as well! But they cut out all the Johanna songs which made me sad. I love the bracelets and the jumpsuit is so cute <3