Oct 28, 2015

As I woke up this morning, I had nothing to do, so I went down the street, my good old friend, the fox, I meet. The Night is dark, the air is clear, music is loud, I have no fear, my companion is next to me, a loyal fox is what you need. The Fox is on your side...

Hi lovelies!
I don't want to count how many weeks it's been again... But Jesus, it were great weeks (although I missed blogging, of course). As you may have read here, I graduated this summer and now the time totally and only dedicated to what I want to do has begun! To put the whole matter in a nutshell, I'm working at the theatre! This world has actually been my dream proffession for what seems almost half of my life, and I am so happy I can finally pursue this dream of mine. So basically, what I am doing is a year full of small, unpaid jobs at various theatre houses scattered around in Germany. They usually last between four weeks to two months. This means I am moving around a lot, which is extremely exiting. The first job is already over again - it basically consisted of being a nice elf around the rehearsals for a play which was incredibly fantastic! The theatre I worked at is a very special place: it's a beautiful art-nouveau-castle in the countryside, where all the people working at the theatre actually live and work. You get me? I lived in a freaking castle the past six week! And it was such a great atmosphere with all those fantastic people around (shoutout to Antonia! you're a lovely person). At the beginning, I was a bit worried about moving out and if I would not totally fail at living alone, but it worked out fine! While moving, I figured out I possess waaaayyy to many clothes. But that's fine with me, haha.
I can't believe I actually am supposed to be a kind of adult who lives on his own right now. It's somehow strange, but more than that, it's extremely exiting and fun - I feel like I am leading the life I've always wanted to live, as cheesy as it sounds. Everything is pretty damn cool currently!
Before I move to Berlin (isn't this amazing?! such a great city!) next month, I am staying a week at home (my real one), which is great because I can finally blog again!
And I've had a pretty cool day, too. I sewed those pants! An actress from the castle-theatre-thing figured out that I'm obsessed with art and gifted me bedclothes made out of the most awesome Joan Miró fabric. So much artsy fabric, yay! I decided to sew wide leg trousers. I have sewn a few skirts and shirts and stuff, but I had never dared to sew pants before! Not-surprisingly, I made a few stupid mistakes during the process, but I absolutely love the way they turned out. I made them flared at the bottom and, as one would expect of clothing made out of bedclothes, they are so so so comfy! Now I can wear Joan Mirós little animals and abstract shapes on my legs - yay.

Besides those great pants, I wear a white simple shirt my boyfriend gave me beneath a super cute tulle-t-shirt from my aunt (I didn't even knew such stuff exists). It has a cute hem and is cropped (or maybe it's for kids) and I think it fits perfectly. Above, there are three healing stone necklaces. I wear the dark-green moon almost everyday, the other two were bought on a nice thrift store/shopping trip today. I like the Robert Plant/ Janis Joplin vibes of layering multiple necklaces! Although this amount of jewellery is usually very untypical for me. The bracelets collected from festivals throughout three summers normally are the only pieces of jewellery I wear (flower crown counts as a basic, not jewellery). I also wear old converse shoes (which you can't really see but at least I made an effort) from my sister.
Actually, I'm in love with those pants. I see ~endless~ styling opportunities. A good sign of a great item is me totally overwearing it - and I don't think I'm going to wear any other pants for the rest of the month, haha. :)
I hope you like this outfit as much as I do! And I hope you can forgive this awful lack of posting. Well, I have lots of time this week so be prepared!

Lots of love,



  1. My goodness those trousers are amazing!
    Congrats on following your dreams! <3

  2. Wow so excited for you and the many travels to come! I'm in my school play and I love it so much!


  3. Sounds amazing and those trousers are so funky, I love them! x

  4. so lovely to see a post from you!!!! <3 <3 those pants are incredible!!

  5. Those pants are so GROOOOOOVY I'm jealous!

    xx Alyssa

  6. OOeeh nice pants! I love how they suit you!
    Also, you're having such a nice experience! can't wait to read more about it!

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