May 3, 2013

I don't give a damn 'bout my reputation! You're living in the past, it's a new generation, a girl can do what she wants to do and that's what I'm gonna do!

Hey lovely people who read this. TWO VERY VERY SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS!! Listen up.
You may have noticed I have reached 200 followers! Thank you guys so much, I love you. It's such an amazing feeling that 200 people like this weird blog! I could not do this without you, you encourage me every day. Thank you!
In other breaking news, I have updated my Etsy shop. Now it has two items, awesome, huh? No.
But you should check it out! I sell my Rookie Zine, and since a few days, I also sell (or at least try to sell) some homemade buttons! They are Freaks-and-Geeks themed, so you can choose from Daniel Desario, Sam Weir, Lindsay Weir and Kim Kelly. It would be great if you would check them out! You can find my Etsy here. What I am saying is BUY IT.

Thank you so much for being here on my little weirdo corner of the world wide web.



PS: And sorry for this mini post.


  1. Congratulations! And I like this title.

  2. Congratulations! You deserve it, your blog is awesome. And I'm totally checking out your etsy now!x

  3. congratulations! ahhh i want to buy everything on your etsy but I have no money im sorry!

  4. well done! i really love your style and these buttons looks awesome x

  5. OH MY FREAKING GOSH, THOSE FREAKS AND GEEKS PINS! I promised myself I wouldn't spend any more money for a while but those are so cute!!! I might have to make an exception.

    Congrats on hitting 200 followers! Love your Rookie zine as well.

  6. Congrats! I love your freaks and geeks pins, they are AMAZING! I love them!

  7. congratulations! i love your blog its one of the best i follow!
    i really love these badges too i will definitely want to get one!


  8. I might have to make a visit to your Etsy shop. Freaks and Geeks is the best - if you watched it and didn't fall at least a little bit in love with Jason Segel then you're lying :)

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  10. Hi! I love your blog, it's one of the best, and Etsy! those badges are devine, and I want your zine!!!!!!!


  11. lovely

  12. Keep this going please, great job!