May 27, 2013

When she talks, I hear the revolutions, in her hips, there's revolutions, when she walks, the revolution's coming, in her kiss, I taste the revolution, Rebel girl, Rebel girl - you are the queen of my world!

Every text written on this blog (except the last one) includes a speech of apologizing for being such a bad blogger which sucks. I literally only post once a week currently, which drives me crazy. When I started blogging, I used to update this blog every second day. Maybe it's because I don't know what to wear, or because I have not that much clothing, or just because I am kinda busy these days. Or at least I should be busy, but I am just procastinating. The whole day, today, actually. But I am allowed to as we are having holidays right now. Yay for holidays. Anyways, I am really tired right now and writing this blog seems so narcissistic and stupid. Because actually, I am such a freak and on the internet so many people are like "omg u r so cool" which I am not. I kinda feel like I am lying at you, so I thought I'd share some stuff which is important for me. 
- I am vegetarian, and it's very important to me. I really believe in it. I haven't eaten meat (or anything containing stuff for which animals have died (directly)) for seven years and I will never eat meat again.
- I almost never paint my nails. Well, actually, they are always painted but not accurately and the whole polish peels off. 
- I am so chaotic, you would never believe it.
- I realized yesterday I am the biggest loser ever and it even makes me a loser to realize it that late, as I really am.
Let's get back to normal blogging. I am feeling so many different vibes currently! It's crazy. I want to be a hippie, a punk rocker, a grunge grrl, and a japanese kawaii babe. So I try to be everything at the same time, as I don't really want to belong to one group. I don't want to be categorized because I want to be individual, if that makes sense. So, I love the hippie vibes, and I want to walk barefeet with flowers in my hair and tie dye dresses, and wear forehead jewelery and listen to reggae. I think about dreading my hair sometimes, and I feel so ~woodstock-esque~ (but I'm to uncool to be on a festival right now, but it's on my to-do-list for this summer!). I want to feel summer and dance around like a hippie. And I would, if it wasn't that cold. 12 degrees. Can you believe that? It's supposed to be summer right now! Or at least late, very late, spring. Which brings me to... I don't know what to wear. Everything is either to warm or to cold. Well, today I put together this outfit. I was trying to be Enid Coleslaw from Ghost World, she's wearing a daisy shirt and a plaid skirt with boots on the book cover, and I added some hippie vibes with the fringe booties. I made this daisy jumper the other day, and I really love it! I used fake flowers and an old jumper from the thrift store, I guess. It only took me a few minutes, but I really love it and it's so cozy. The skirt is from my sister and she'll probably kill me for wearing it, but I like it. I have been searching for a pleated and plaid printed skirt, but I just can't find one! These shoes are new, I bought them together with my best buddy in NĂ¼rnberg. They feel really hippie-esque and the fringes swing nicely when you walk. And I put some bracelets on my ankles.
Congratulations for reading this post. I bet it was not easy to make your way through it as I am talking mainly bullshit. Anyways, I hope you are all fine!



 I was kinda sorta trying to be cute but I guess I failed.
fancy closeup. they look actually really cute.


  1. I sort of tried to fit into a group clothing wise (hippie, goth), but I realized I'm not one thing, and I don't really think anyone is. My style and clothes are so all over the place it's crazy! The daisy shirt is amazing, though!

  2. wowowowowow!!! I love your jumper, its awesome, I've been feeling the hippie vibes recently have been wearing my lovely tie-dye skirt non stop!
    you have no idea how excited I was when I read that you were vegetarian!! I am vegetarian and have been all my life and I am against animal cruelty and I feel very strongly about not eating them, I have got into so many arguments with meat-eaters about why eating animals is wrong but no one seems to understand! Anyways, your coolness points have gone up by a zillion (in my books anyway!) now that I know you are a fellow vegetarian!

  3. I love this outfit so much, gaaaaaah. I've wanted a skirt like that forever but I can't seem to find the right one anywhere! and since when is being a freak a bad thing??!

  4. I love your outfit a lot!Also I think everyone eventually ends up saying reasons why they haven't blogged,because sometimes you just don't know what to post!(it happens to me a lot!) I guess a good thing to motivate your blogging is to do a feature every week or so?That's what I started doing and I think it's somewhat motivated me!Anyway have a lovely day ♥♥

  5. ANTONIA U PERFECT THING <3333 i am so so in love with ur jumper + shoes and high five for vegetarianism! and you call yourself a freak like it's a bad thing....


  6. I've just discovered your blog and I don't think it sucks at all !
    I've got some "hippie phases" too, in which I wear ponchos (only times I actually do that) and dream about flowers and hand-made stuffs. One time it lasts for months until one day, I decided that punk rock would be my new vison of life. (^_^)

  7. Such a cool skirt! And wow good on you for going vegetarian and keeping it up for so long- i've always wanted to but never had the drive..

  8. I love your DIY jumper! Ghost World is the best GF <3

  9. your sweater is just.......WOW. I love it so much it's so cool! And I totally get it about wanting to be different things, vibes and stuff. Sometimes I want to be super summery and wear skirts and other times I want to look really schoolgirly or other times I want to be grunge-y!

  10. I know this feel so much. i just guess its a case of being who you are when you wanna be, dont stereotype yourself or put yourself in a box.

  11. Beautiful look!

  12. This is actually unbelievably relevant and relatable. I love your look and I feel the same about not wanting to be categorised into one subculture so being a sort of grungy, hippie punk. I'm a vegetarian too :) <3

  13. You're officially the fricken coolest. *_*
    Veg heads ftw!<3


  14. BIKINI KILL 4EVER <3 you look so adorable here and I need to write back to you! xxx

  15. I love your outfit, especially that jumper!!!

    Greetings from Canada,