Jun 14, 2013

Flipping through all my teen magazines, brainwash me, believe in a fantasy. What to wear, how much to pay, style my hair, how much to weigh, hey hey hey, don’t be consumed - a false attitude is what they construe!

Hey guys! It has been a while. I guess I was busy with living, and with summer, or at least pretending it was summer. I have spent a lot of time with my friends, and we had so much fun. We went to a local park, took thousands of pictures and it was so great. Yesterday my boyfriend and I made ice cream and it tastes awesome! But I'm still dreaming of ice cream with Pizza flavor, haha.
I really like living currently. People sometimes don't suck as much as they usually do, the school year is not that long anymore, the weather is getting better and my record player is amazing and I have been listening to the Rookie flexidisc all day long. Sometimes I totally feel teenage-esque, you know, including flower crowns, ice cream and angstiness. It feels good. Sometimes, I am surprised about how great life can be, how nice some people are. Though, I feel like the gap between extremely great people and super stupid ones is getting bigger. A girl in our class said, a few days ago, that a gay couple and a child can't be a family, when we spoke about gay rights and feminism. I was so shocked about how disgustingly intolerant people can be. I mean, how can you say such a thing? Why wouldn't two men and a child be a family? A lot of feminist issues have been on my mind lately.
Well, let's get to my outfit! I finally managed to sew a dress! It turned out awesome, and I am really really proud of it. It's dark green velvet, aka one of the coolest fabrics ever. It's really ~floaty~ and teen-witch-y. There's also a zipper! As I am an sewing beginner, I'm really happy that the zipper turned out really good. It also has a nice fit. And I have always wanted  a dress which looks like this when you are spinning around:

Isn't that amazing? Anyways, I am also wearing a few bracelets from when I was younger, and three rings I found today, in a little boy where I used to keep my jewelery in. It's a lion and a cat ring, both with goggly eyes! And a one with just one super cute goggly eye. The shoes are from Asos and the socks from a trip to Spain. I put on black lipstick, for, kinda, teen witch vibes (Just came to my mind, I watched Teen Witch! It's perfect! I really recommend it to you guys.) . 

I hope you are all fine!




  1. you did a really good job on the dress, i love it!! have a great summer!


  2. I personally don't like the way you talk about people here on your blog. Instead of writing something about that girl, why not just talk to her? Don't know why, but i think it's kinda unfair somehow...

    1. hey, i don't want to sound like I'm always talking bad about people here, sorry. I DID talk to her, trying to change how she thinks about that topic, but she was not listening or even caring, she didn't admit that her opinion was obviously discriminating and hurting for gay people. So I guess that girl is just an example for discrimination in our society.
      next time you comment like this, leave a name, because this is not fair, too. I want to know to whom I speak.

  3. love the dress and fishnet socks! xxxxx

  4. It's great that you've been enjoying living lately. I can't really say the same as I'm still stuck in school and winter but I completely know what you mean when you say it feels good feeling teenage-esque. I want to feel as teenage-esque as possible, to live each moment with excitement and recklessness and laughter, before it all slips away.

    Anyway, your dress looks so good!!! And I love your lipstick, I've wanted black/dark purple lipstick for ages! x


  5. Another gorgeous outfit, it's amazing that you made it yourself! I'm a sucker for corduroy at the moment, and because my sewing skills aren't up to scratch, my mum promised she'd make me a cord skater skirt (like the ones in AA at the moment, that are just far too extortionate).

    I do too agree with you about a lack of tolerance in today's society. I try and convince myself that people have different attitudes and it's not fair to slam them, but sometimes their opinions are totally ignorant, and that gets on my nerves! xx


  6. Wow, I'm impressed that you made that! It looks fabulous. :)


  7. That is such a beautiful dress! Love the black lipstick as well.


  8. pretty dress!! and you styled it so well :) i think stupid people are just everywhere and they're put on this planet to test us.


  9. this is so wonderful!

  10. Your dress is gorgeous, and I love your fishnet socks! The black lipstick is so cool x x x


  11. Great job with the dress! And I'm watching Teen Witch now because of you. Btw those socks are also rad, fishnets are my new obsession.

  12. I love your blog ! Can you help me ?
    I am your fan !