Jun 25, 2013

We got our boards out and we get in our suits and then we saw a man who carried many fruits, the man of many fruits kinda smelled like cheese and had tattoos of gay horses on his knees.

 Hello human beings (and cats who can use a computer, if you are one of those, marry me I'll give you lots of love and food). Live has been passing by so fast lately. The past few weeks have been great, though. I went to a festival with my friends, which was amazing but not like a real festival, rather a-small-town-trying-to-be-great-festival. Anyways. There are a few things to tell you. First of all, I am actually going to Prom on Friday. I am utterly exited already! And afraid, because I ordered shoes on the internet and they are beautiful, but too large and the heel is 2" higher than it was written in the description! So it's really hard to walk in those shoes.
Second, I'll make another zine! It will be about being sassy, and actually, it would be great if some of you could help me with it, like, contributing stuff. Send me what you've got in the next two weeks to "birdiewearsatie@web.de", and I'll love you forever. For anyone who does not want to do that much work, please leave a comment and tell me
1. what is the sassiest thing you did
2. the sassiest person (can be fictional) you know.
Thank you in advance! It would be great if you could contribute.
Well, these are pictures of some pages in my journal I did recently. I like the way they turned out. The first one includes a playlist of the songs I have been living to lately, go listen to them, they are amazing, seriously. The pictures I used are from a Vintage National Geographic.
The photos below show a shrine I have in my room - some may call it chaos but it's a shrine with a bunch of random stuff. The superman is from a fleamarket, on the left side there are some zines and gifts from my pen pals, and on the right side pointe shoes (I used to dance ballett). And my typewriter which is broken but looks good.

I hope you are all fine,




  1. Your journal is amazing. Seriously in love with that omg <3 xx


  2. Your blog is a treat, and I get so excited every time you post something new :)
    Sassiest thing I ever did? Some girls I was eating dinner with were making rude comments and jokes about a teacher's weight, so I said, "You're not being nice at all." and then I got up and walked away, leaving everyone slack jawed. They don't talk to me anymore.
    The sassiest person I can think of is Louis Tomlinson of One Direction...or my gay manager at Chuck E. Cheese. Can you include that? My manager at Chuck E. Cheese?
    Sending smiles your way!

    1. Good for you to do that! It's both sassy, brave and makes you a good person!

  3. Superman! Do you know wheter Superwoman sigures are to buy?

  4. Love the Riot Grrl bunting!


  5. Wow such a cute journal ! Grrrl power <3

  6. the universe of your room is super fabulous <3

  7. Your journal is amazing <3


  8. I love love love love love love ... your journal.

  9. Hello!!!
    I was so excited when I saw your prom photos on facebook, they were so awesome!! That's sounds a bit creepy but whatever.
    I will send your letter soon, I have been super busy and I want to make it an awesome letter. I am trying t think if something to send you that will be equivalent in coolness to the baby leg!!!!
    I was also excited to see my riot grrrl thingy yay!
    The festival sounds super fun, I am extremely jealous.
    Love love love love love you,

  10. your journal is so pretty <3 do you write in fountain pen? My art teacher has so many national geographic's back into the 70s! I steal the pages for my own stuff sometimes ;)

  11. I've not seen this award yet! It's super and I love the concept! reviewworldist