Aug 1, 2013

When you smile all of the subatomic pieces come together and unfold themselves in a second, every single molecule is right...

Hello lovely people!

That kinda feels like writing a ~first post~ again. As I wrote in my last post, blogging didn't feel good lately. But I don't want to totally quit it, so I thought I'd change something. Well, Welcome on that half-new blog!
These are some pictures of how summer has been so far. 

My boyfriend and I went to a lake near my hometown. We bought a disposable camera and had so much fun taking pictures! There's this rope where you can basically swing into the lake like Tarzan. 

 We also went to a "festival". There are  bands playing everywhere in the city, and you can just walk around, listen and party. It was incredibly awesome! One of the bands was very great, they covered some Reggae songs, Kiss, and a lot of 80ies stuff (which  I really love).

 Last week we went on a school trip. I have been in that village with our school choire five times, and this time was my last. I felt kinda nostalgic and melancholic, but also great. You may tell from the photos - I have been in a hippie mood lately. It feels great. I just try to be, like, free? I don't know. I try to just be myself. It's weird as I feel very confident about what others think of me, I don't care, but sometimes I'm very insecure about myself, it's hard to explain. But I think that's what teenagehood is all about - being confused and figuring out who you are.

There'll be some outfit posts soon.

Lots of love!



  1. I love this post so much! (Also, your new header is great!) -Britney

  2. Your smile is so beautiful!

  3. Replies
    1. that was somehow the best comment i have received in a long time, although it's just so simple. But yeah, I guess I'm happy. Happier than I was before.

  4. Ahhh that lake seems so fun!!!

    xx Eva

  5. My... You are 15? How is your English so purrfect? How are you so... amazingly bold and free?
    xx Anna

  6. Dear Antonia

    It’s nice to meet you- well on email! I read about you in the You magazine-
    Well done btw - amazing at such a young age you are doing so well and being recognised for what you do! When I read that you wanted to be a theatre director I immediately
    Wanted to share some music with you by an artist who I work with called Ben Craig; Ben Theatrical rock artist, he’s a singer songwriter/ producer and all round talent really. His influences mainly come from the 70's and he loves artists such as Kate Bush ... Have you listened to her? I mean he does love Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles, and David Bowie- However, his inspirations are mostly from within him and what's around him.

    I was wondering if you could do me the favour of listening to his music and maybe reviewing it on your blog. This would help Ben a lot in getting like minded listeners on board.
    My role in this project is that I am helping Ben in not only trying to get him recognised as a fresh talent, but I am too a singer and Ben and I sing live on stage (featuring artist you can call it for now). So I am very much involved and passionate about this musical, artistic project. We are based in London. We put on amazing theatrical performances - and it’s not just about playing the music but it’s also about the full overall performance we put on!
    I really do think people in Germany would love what Ben is doing- which is why I thought I would send it to you!

    Anyway I could go and on but I think its best you listen to some music and we can go from there! These songs cannot be downloaded- however I am happy to send you personally an MP3 for you to keep!

    Ok so here is the music

    Here is the website - with the music video for you to see that's its very theatrical btw!

    I really look forward to hearing from you

    All the best
    Love Cloud x