Aug 3, 2013

Let's swim out tonight, love, it's our turn to try, parked beside the ocean on our moonlight drive - let's swim to the moon, let's climb through the tide. Surrender to the waiting worlds that lap against our side.

 Hello humans. 
As promised, here's an outfit post. I have been wearing this outfit quite often - I love how it's both witch-y and hippie-esque. That top is from a supercute thrift store - it's so crammed full of small things , weird toys, old magazines, and it's amazingly cheap. Also, some of the clothes are to die for - like that top, in my opinion. It's from the 70ies, and it's perfect for cool summer evenings. My shorts are DIYed, and basically my all-time-favorite, I have been wearing those way to often. Well, I love the dreamcatcher necklace I am wearing so much. It's from a really spiritual/hippie store near my hometown, and it's all, like, good vibrations and stuff. I wear it almost everyday. The other necklace is from my mother. 
Once I started blogging again, I have to leave you without a post for a week, I'm sorry! I will go to Poland with some friends of mine, I am sure it will be totally awesome. I'll take two cameras with me, my usual Reflex Camera and a analog one. I have been photographing with that one for a while, and I am so exited how the pictures will turn out to be! It's kinda exiting. 
Anyways, I hope you guys are all fine!




  1. Viel spaß ihn polen! Du wohnst ihn der nähe der grenze nach polen, oder? Schreib mir doch, wenn du wieder hier bist,mal wieder ejn mail!

  2. I love the dream catcher necklace!
    Quick question: Which camera do you use? It's just because I'm looking to buy one, and I noticed that your pictures look really clear and so on. Thanks!
    Ella x

  3. Your hair seems so silky and soft (hope it doesn't sound creepy)~

    Enjoy your time in Poland! My chrzestny [godfather] is Polish and lives in Warsaw where I visited him once, to think of, Europe is quite small and it is so easy to travel here...

  4. YOU ARE SO GORGEOUS wow. I am totally feeling your hippie vibes!

  5. Aww you and your outfit are SO adorable!!! <33

  6. This feels so boho and summer to me. You are gorgeous!^^


  7. Really love this hippie witch look :) Have fun in Poland :)

  8. I LOVE that necklace!

  9. Love this outfit, including the makeup! It would be perfect for music festivals!

  10. The necklace is the cherry on top top this outfit!
    You look super cute in it too.
    Follow me back!