Jan 14, 2014

I'm leaving everything behind except my mind and my valentine if I got time, gonna go to some redneck town where they hold class in the middle of the night. If my school had burned to the ground, I would've gotten smarter sooner and you know that's right!

Life's confusing lately. My world view is slightly upset, as is everything in my mind. It's like a million of songs all played at the same time in my head, it's crazy. It's partly because of missing being creative. Not being able to make art drives me crazy. I feel like a completely different person without my creativity which seems to disappear covered up by the immense amount of work I have to do. Also Flower put something in words which I couldn't:
It's almost impossible for me to blog in the way I used to because my perception of the world has altered so drastically in the last few months and I'm not really the same person I used to be, something which seems, by turns, logical and confusing. 
This sums up everything in a great way. It's really weird. 

Jesus, I sound way to depressive here. I'm sorry  - originally this was meant to be a fashion blog, now it's just, like, the life of a teen who struggles with identity. 


Actually, if I don't think too much (I usually don't because of the lack of time, as sad as it sounds), life's okay. I have absolutely NO motivation concerning school, but I'm planning my summer and I sleep a lot. I also listen to a lot of awesome music (8tracks is becoming my best friend).
I'm wearing a dress I bought a few weeks ago, it's from Primark and has the cutest daisy print ever! It's also really cozy. The giant shirt is from a fleamarket, or from the thrift shop, I guess? I have no idea. Anyways, the overknees were given to me by my mother, and the shoes are from Canada. They used to be white, can you even believe that? I compared them to a brand-new pair of white chucks recently and it was like, night and day, haha.

Well, I have some good news for all of you lovely followers! Here's my late new-year-resolution:
To blog at least 4 times a month. Let's see how it works.




  1. Identity crisis? That makes two of us. On the upside, the journey to discovering and rediscovering oneself is more fun and exciting than the destination, me thinks. Haha keep your head up! Digging the outfit btw.


  2. I looove this outfit, and the knee high socks are amazing! remind me of the arctic monkeys now haha:) and eurgh I feel you on the identity crisis, I'm just starting to creep out of one... All part of being a teenager I guess*sighs* -.- (one of the worst parts) xoxoxo


  3. Far out, that is such a fantastic outfit (as usual)! I totally understand what your saying. I feel like my mindset and outlook is constantly changing and I go through uncreative patches and moody patches and crazy patches. All a part of growing up, I guess!
    Bella x

  4. I really do appreciate how you talk about things like that though, its one thing to just view great outfits but its another to actually understand what sort of a person you are and what youre feeling. I love this one as usual, hang in there hun we all feel similar things.

  5. It's absolutely OK to feel like this at your age (gawd I sound like a cranky old person/ weird school counsellor) but we try different identities and become different versions of our selves that can all exist at once

    things can become different and you continue old stuff, your feelings about this are valid
    you'll figure it out

  6. I totally understand what you're talking about, at our age everything seems so confusing and for me, my mindset and worldview has completely changed in the last few months. Lovely outfit as usual xx

  7. The giant shirt paired with the knee socks is beautiful. My blog has evolved so much since I started it almost 3 years ago but a lot of things/people/outlooks change in 3 years so I guess that makes sense. Hope you have a good week :)


  8. That´s one of my favourite posts, the outfit is perfect and please tell me how you edited these photos (flower background)
    Love, K