Dec 28, 2013

I'm sure there's planets wrapped up with you, I've seen them kissing out in the hallway. Once in a while, the zebras run to the spaceman and his gun, in the spider's web!

Finally finding a few hours for blogging makes me really happy after Christmas. I completely forgot what it's like to lay in my bed and do something that's actually fun. But now, having holidays, life's quite great. Since it's not snowing or really cold outside, it doesn't feel like winter at all, but I can at least pretend it's summer by hearing all the songs that I listened to when I had summer break. I'm sick of that winter-not-really-winter and long for the summer sun. But as long as I can stay inside and only leave the house when it's dark already, everything's nice! I just need some records. I also fangirl about Dr. Frank-n-Furter a lot. And about Tavi - I watched the video of her speaking in Melbourne and I felt like she saved my life again. We should make a Salvation mountain for Tavi and Rookie, y'guys. Only, like, planet-size with treehouses where we could all live happily ever after.
Okay now some ~real fashion talk~. I am wearing a few new things. The gigantic and wooly and monster-y sweater was a gift by my mother. The buttons are either gifted or handmade, and the shirt is thrifted. The purple velvet dress underneath is from my childhood. And the fishnet socks which I totally overwear are from Spain. But that's not as important as the shoes! Aren't they super amazing? My boyfriend gave them to me for Christmas and I kinda freaked out a bit about how perfect they are. They remind me of astronauts and David Bowie, so I really feel like Major Tom now (which is clearly awesome). I think they also look kinda like rocket boots, so it feels like this:

Here's a closer look:

They're holographic Doc Martens, basically! I have like a thousand little rainbows on my shoes isn'tthatcute?! I'm gonna wear these really often  always. 

I hope you are all fine! I missed blogging.

Lots of love!



  1. Those Docs look space-tacular (sorry, just had to do it :) I have yet to watch Tavi's Melbourne talk, but I will definitely do it soon because she's so awesome, and I met her a few weeks ago and she's just so cool and aaaaaagggghhhh! Okay, sorry for fangirling, but yes, everything about this post is wonderful!

  2. this outfit is awesome...I love frank n furter too! <3 such an amazing movie. also your doc martens are to die for. <3

  3. Omg plan. A Rookie salvation mountain - genius. I watched her Melbourne talk too and it was amazing! Love your outfit and those shoes are incredible <3

  4. Love that jumper and how awesome are those bootS! XX

  5. I was lucky enough to be sitting in the audience when she came to Melbourne and I had the most surreal feeling days after seeing her speak
    All in favour of Rookie themed Salvation Mountain? I!!!
    your outfits are always so cute and imaginative :)

  6. Your have a very unique style! Love it.

  7. these boots are INCREDIBLE, and that jumper looks like the cosiest thing ever - I'm completely in love with this outfit! xxx

  8. love your shoes <3

  9. YOUR OUTFIT!!! I wish I could obsess over each item of clothing individually but giiiiirlll, in a few short words, you look incredible! Your socks and shoes are actually the real deal this is a work of art <3

  10. Love this! That jumper is amazing!Check out mine? Advice would be greatly appreciated!
    Molly xxxx

  11. Incredible jumper! I handpainted and added holographic glitter to a pair of my Dr Martens. You look terrific! :D