Jul 17, 2014

He has missed her in the forest while he showed her all the flowers and the branches sang the chorus as he climbed the scaley towers of a forest tree while she was somewhere being free...

Hey lovely people! It's been a long time again, I'm just too busy at the moment. But I've got to say, the past weeks have been pretty awesome (except of school, it sucks). I'm in the drama group of my school, and last week we spent four days at a professional theater to see other plays from other schools. There were so many awesome people and even better plays! It was a lot of fun. And as we were away, we skipped school for three days which was one of the best parts. The school year is almost over, so all exams are written and we basically all go to school for like, eight hours a day and no one's even a bit motivated or paying attention at all, actually, everyone's sleeping all the time. I can't wait for summer holidays! I'll go to Spain with my family, probably camping with my friends, and I'll visit London for six days with my boyfriend. It's going to be a great summer, and, hell, it has to be! It's gonna be my last summer vacation in my life. I will graduate next year and although I can't wait to be finished with school, I'm hella scared of the final tests and of the real life after school. But there's still one summer left, so I really have to make the best out of it. I've also been quite productive so far, as you can see! We were supposed to keep a sketchbook in art class, and now that it's graded (A!), I thought I should share some of my drawings/collages/paintings/whatever with you. I'm not really talented at drawing, but I had a lot of fun filling this sketchbook. At first, it was like a duty, something I had to do for school, but as time passed, I got to draw something almost every day. It felt awesome to be, you know, ~creative~ in some way. I've been loosing my creativity in the past few years which makes me so sad, and that sketchbook really helped me to bring it back - at least a part of it. I hope you like it.

The word "Fernwehfeinstaubfantasien" is a made-up german word. The parts of it mean: Wanderlust - fine dust - fantasies and I loved it. Theresa Hahl made it up and used it in this poem of hers.

This is Pippi Langstrumpf, or at least, she's supposed to look a bit like her.

(insert elegant way to change topics here). The lovely people from HiCustom offered me to get something from their shop for free and I was so happy about that! At HiCustom , you can, like, design your own tshirts and stuff and they print it and send it to you. It's pretty awesome! (and it's super cheap, too.). Well, that's the t-shirt I designed:

It's just a white t shirt with a painting by Salvador Dalì on it. I'm really into surrealism lately, and Dalì is, like AMAZING! So I decided to honor him by wearing a painting by him (the ship) on a t shirt. Yay!

Random cat photo. It's just, you know, obligatory.

Lots of love,



  1. Haha LOVE your sketches/collages! I definitely can't draw like that and I don't think I have the patience to do it, either!



  2. your sketchbook looks so so awesome! and I love the title, cactus tree is one of my favourite songs <3


  3. Gorgeouse sketchbook *-* It's name is perfect .I love your T-shirt a lot
    Have a nice day
    Salo <3

  4. Als passionierte Teilzeitstalkerin muss ich dir jetzt auch mal sagen, dass ich dich wirklich inspirierend finde. Außerdem liebe ich deine Dreads, also... :)
    Alles Liebe, Svenja

  5. I absolutely adore your drawings and collages!

  6. I quite adore your beautiful sketchbook. :) And fernwehfeinstaubfantasien is a marvelous word.

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