Sep 16, 2014

They've all got roles and plots and gears, they have for years. Train is running around in my brains, rain is flowing around in my veins, tears are running down my face.

Four weeks no post! Is that a new low point?
Whatever. I'm back. Already busy with school but planning a lot of posts. Today was the first day of school, which was a strange feeling. It was wonderful to see my friends again, but on the other side, I don't have holidays anymore. Furthermore, this school year is going to be extremely stressful. I will graduate in June, which I haven't totally realized yet. It is scary to be done with school soon - dealing with life, you know, is quite hard. And as much as I'm looking forward to graduate, I'm already scared of all the exams and tests coming up. In the German school system, every grade you get in grade 11 and 12 will influence your final grade of your high school diploma. I feel quite weird, therefore - it's a mix of fear and joy. 
In addition to school, I am a member of three theater clubs, want to do some blogging and art and have to apply to literally tons of stuff. So I'm going to live on caffeine, but that's fine!

Enough self-pity now. 
This is a photo set my sister and I did today. We went to my primary school, which is closed now making me feel a bit nostalgic, and to the playground next to it. It just occured to me that I'm not even allowed to go to playgrounds anymore, it's only allowed to play there until you're 14... that's not fair. I love swings. 
Concerning my outfit, I am going for some Enid-Coleslaw vibes, as I really relate to the whole movie Ghost World strongly. I get that suburban sadness thing. But somehow, it has a certain aesthetic. Furthermore, Enid is the best. Look at her, she's amazing! The entire movie is, actually.

I am wearing a giant flower crown I made a few weeks ago. It's HUGE, I tell you. HUGE. It's pretty confusing sometimes, though: most people stare at your head instead of looking you in your eyes when you're talking with them. I thought of Enid's white crown, and, to be honest, a flower crown is obligatory! The skirt (I have been longing for a skirt like this for ages, I love to color!) was sent to me by a friend. The vein tights went perfectly with the outfit - unfortunately, they're ripped and I can't wear them anymore besides for taking pictures.
I bought the platform chucks earlier this year, and I love them, although the platform is way too low. The socks were a gift from my grandma. 
The best part, though, is my t-shirt. It was sent to me by the lovely people from for free. It was super easy, you just upload an image and they print it on whatever shirt you like (in great quality!). So I chose a scene from Ghost World.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the pictures.
I will be back soon!

Lots of love,


  1. LOVE your outfit, tights and crown are perfect <3 Need to watch Ghost world

  2. Gorgeous Outfit.I`m so envious of your flower crown ,i always look like a stupid Clown if i wear it.I `m so glad that you post again.Have i ever mentioned that i love your blog ?
    Have a nice day
    In love
    Salo <3

  3. Your tights are so cool and your entire outfit is fabulous. <3 <3 <3