Nov 17, 2014

And if you go chasing rabbits and you know you're going to fall, tell'em a smoking caterpillar has given you the call to call Alice when she was just small.

Hello lovely people!
I've got literally so many posts scheduled, but I can't find the time. But, well, today's one of my rare blogging days. I was inspired by psychedelic, autumnal stuff. I can now proudly call myself an expert of the Hippie culture, especially of Woodstock - I had to write a fifteen pages paper for school about it. It was actually quite interesting and fun to do the research (now that's a surprise!). I listened to a lot of Woodstock songs and can't get rid of the catchy tunes in my head, but I don't mind at all.

(all from tumblr)
I had to face autumn recently. It's still sunny here sometimes, but it's awfully cold. Therefore, I tried to dress in more ~autumnal~ colors. I kinda failed dressing properly for this season, though - I can't resist wearing dresses! I love how cozy they are. I admit I normally wear tights. But for these pictures, a pair of black tights seemed to harsh combined with the bright colors I am wearing. Well, I have to wait a few months to finally wear this outfit outside for longer that a ten minute photo shooting.
I am wearing my favorite dress of all times - it was a gift from my dad almost a year ago. I love it's colors and the lovely print, in addition, the fabric is super soft and cozy. The crochet jacket is from a store around here, they sell so much cute stuff but I can almost never afford their garments. The shoes are from Tamaris and have been my loyal companions this summer as they are incredibly comfortable!
The necklace was sent to me by the lovely people from Punky Pins (thank you again!). They sent me a package with a lot of cute jewelery and I was so happy about this necklace! I love daisies :) I also own matching daisy earrings now. You should definitely check out their store! They're cute and independent and everything is handmade.

I'm - again - sorry for almost no posts on this blog, but as said above, I have many posts scheduled and I WILL eventually post them all. But just in case, if you really miss me (ahem) you can follow me on Etsy. I'm pretty active there and am going to sell a few other zines soon in my shop. Here's the link. I also made a little wishlist (it's christmas soon, folks, and I'm sure you want to send me stuff - I'm broke... as always.).

1. Fox shirt
2. Royal Tenenbaums Journal (I LOVE this movie. Wes Anderson forever!)
3. Backpack
4. Moon earrings (sold, sadly.)
5. Growing heart necklace - isn't this AMAZING?? YES IT IS.
6. Even artichokes have hearts pencils (sold, too - but the shop has some other lovely stuff)

I'm procastinating the entire time and this post took me about three hours. I should really do some school stuff now.
Thank you for reading!
Lots of love,

PS: I HAVE BEEN FEATURED ON BUZZFEED (they used my photos without permission, though. that's not nice) IN ONE POST WITH THE DAUGHTER OF OBAMA? I guess I'm famous :D
See the post here.


  1. yay you're posting again!

  2. This outfit is amazing and I wish that it was warm enough here in Canada to wear something like this because it's ADORABLE.

  3. Love your outfit, especially your dress!