Sep 30, 2014

You say it's me, I say it's you - who can blame us for thinking the way we do 'cause we don't care what we are.

Hello people.
I'm kinda rediscovering my love for Harry Potter. I can't wait to tell you why.
Here's the poor quality evidence:

The story behind the picture is better than the picture itself, though.
From the start: I was in London with my boyfriend (hello!) this summer! It was amazing. London is such a beautiful city, it's so vivid and artsy and awesome. We stayed there for six days, which was too short to see everything and long enough to get a cold in the rain (English weather, I guess!). After we had seen most of the typical touristic sights, we went to the m&m's world. I love m&m's so it was kinda the perfect place to be. When we went outside again, we noticed a crowd in front of a cinema - the rest is obvious. Daniel Radcliffe's so short, though! I could barely see him - but I did, luckily.
We also went to the Harry Potter store at Platform 9 3/4, which was AMAZING. There were all the magic wands and the Hogwarts student uniforms and tickets for the Hogwarts Express and I can't stop raving about this store, basically!
This is actually where I bought the T-shirt I am wearing. It was hella expensive, but definitely worth it. I'm in love with it, and people get quite shocked being like "why slytherin?! are you the evil one?".
Besides this official Quidditch shirt I am wearing tights from H&M and a thrifted white shirt (the white collar). The shoes are so old, they're from some flea market and have glittery laces (I had to buy them!). The skirt is actually a dress I bought about two years ago at Modcloth, but I somehow never got to show it here. I like to wear it, though. And for the badass witchy Slytherin vibe I had to put on some black lipstick, of course.
I have also been practicing spells to make this post seem authentic:
Harry Potter is awesome and not childish at all (I am still waiting for my acceptance letter to Hogwarts and therefore escaping all responsibilities in my muggle school). 
I'm blocking school out at the moment - which is quite bad for my grades, but hey, at least I have a Slytherin T-shirt!
Well, to all those "Why Slytherin?!" people: The house teacher of Slytherin is Severus Snape. And he is, undoubtedly, the best character in the Harry Potter movies/books. Therefore I am a Slytherin.
Oh, and have you seen Emma Watson's speech about feminism? I loved it, it was so true. She's a queen.
Watch it here, if you haven't already. Anyways, I suppose I'm finished raving now (I could go on forever, but I'm procastinating right now...)!
I hope you enjoyed this post!


  1. I was never a fan of Harry Potter, but I had this huge, weird obsession with Eragon when I was younger and I rediscover it every once in a while too. Your outfit is amazing, I love your skirt. And Emma Watson's speech about feminism is literally the best thing everrrr.

    xx Inés

  2. God bless Harry Potter and JKR for creating it.

  3. Harry Potter! <3 Best thing ever. I love you t-shirt!
    I tend to get style inspiration from Neville Longbottom, his cardigans are ace.
    Your lipstick is super funky too.
    And Emma Watson's speech was AMAZING, so empowering. I love how Taylor Swift defended it, too.

  4. Omg! I love HP <3
    I'm Slytherin too :) I really like Draco :D

  5. Hallo! Ich liebe Harry Potter auch total (auch wenn ich noch nicht mal alle Bücher gelesen habe :-)), J.K. Rowling hat mit ihren Büchern einfach eine total eigene Welt erschaffen! <3
    Und: Ich (also ich bin Simone, vllt erinnerst du dich noch ungefähr an mich?) und ein paar andere Rookies wollen eine deutsche Onlinezine machen, die sich am amerikanischen Rookiemag orientiert und brauchen dafür noch Autor/innen. Hättest du (oder irgendjemand anderes) vielleicht Lust mit zu machen? Wir würden uns SEHR freuen! Konktat: (die infos da sind schon etwas veraltet), einfach eine Nachricht schicken, am besten mit Mail, damit ich dich/euch anschreiben kann!

  6. Lol I would pick Slytherin too and my second choose would be Ravenclaw(I mean come on Slytherin & Ravenclaw how cool does that sound). Anyways I love the outfit, you sort look like (Harmione style, but you facial features look like Emma). Very Cool!


  7. I clicked through from Rookie to this blog in a moment of procrastination - I do this often and don't usually comment on the blogs I find, or stay for particularly long. Your smile in the top picture made me stay, though. I never see people smile in outfit posts and it caught me off guard - that picture is lovely, you look awesome. Have a great day :)