Mar 9, 2015

The less we talk the more I understand, our names are written all over that road - let the magic unfold, remove the rear view mirror, eye of the hurricane, paste permanent sunset all across the window pane.

Hello fellow human beings!
I'm so exited! The air smells like spring - finally. I have been longing for the sun since December, basically. Today was the first sunny day in ages, so I spent the entire afternoon outside, crafting, procastinating and enjoying the rays of the sun on my face. I'm the kind of person whose mood really depends on the weather - which leads to the rather unpleasant fact that I'm in a bad mood almost the entire winter. However, nothing can bring me down as long as it's sunny outside. I've been extremely stressed lately, just overthinking everything like three times and getting mad about the smallest things. Therefore, because I always dress according to my mood, I have been wearing a lot of black lately. But now, I think I will wear more colors again - brighter, spring-y-er clothes. I started this weekend by making a flower crown! It has been way too long since I last made one, but I bought a huge bunch of fake flowers, so there will be more flower crowns from now. I chose some lovely pastel flowers to match spring.

Also, as you may have noticed, I've been getting really into modern art. I made this tee two weeks ago with a friend of mine. We met in the afternoon and spent almost the whole night listening to music and painting the t-shirts we had bought before, so it was quite a lovely day! Anyways, it shows some of Pablo Picasso's doodles - some are oneliners, which I've been drawing on every surface within my reach (although they're really easy to draw, mine always look like scary mutants... ) . But I think the tee turned out quite nicely! My collection of t-shirts keeps growing.

Take a closer look now - can you spot the flamingo on the shirt? To match it, I'm wearing these shoes which were sent to me by the lovely people from Rocket Dog. Although I usually don't wear slippers, I really adore the super cute flamingo print on them.

Besides that, I am also wearing a dress from Etsy as a skirt and a thrifted white collar.
Actually, I planned a lot of other posts already - so be prepared for a lot of art and fashion.
As said earlier, I'm really into art lately. I started a journal project about artists, and also I'm obsessed with my Wreck this journal which is literally the best thing ever, it's so much fun! I've also been crazily collecting clothing related to artists, which you are all going to see sooner or later at this blog, obviously. I've also been sewing and crafting a lot. Mostly to escape the pressure putting boredom that is the last year of school (actually the last few weeks. Oh gosh ).

Yay for art.
In other news, I'm writing for a German online magazine called Hildegard, which is really lovely - you should check it out. Even more important is the fact that there'll hopefully be a ROOKIE MEETUP in Germany! So, German Rookies, please drop me an email at "" and you can join. I'd be so happy if it worked!

Well, I hope you liked this post and wherever you are reading this, I hope it's sunny outside (poor Australians).

Lots of love,



  1. Hi:) I really love your blog:) I would really love to restart blogging but I'm having my A-Levels in the next months too (ahhh..) and so there's not enough time with everything else...but your Style and also the inspirationsyou show here are so great! Kat

  2. love the colour of your dress/skirt and that flamingo pattern is rad! x

  3. Those shoes are so cute!!

    xx Alyssa

  4. So cute, love the skirt ♥

  5. Hi...dein blog gefällt mir super gut...hab den top von meiner Mutter bekommen..kann ich dir via bloglovin folgen?lg luise

    1. Hallo, dankeschön :) natürlich kannst du! da musst du doch nicht fragen :)<3