Apr 21, 2015

It was an April morning when they told us we should go, how could we say no? With all the fun to have, to live the dreams we always had... Oh to sail away, to sandy lands and other days, to touch the dream, hides inside and never seen. Into the sun, the south, the north...

Hey folks!
I'm torn between procastinating and therefore posting or finally studying for my absolute final exams. I will graduate in two months, isn't that totally crazy? I have my first big test in exactly eight days and have not studied nearly enough as I should have done. To post or not to post, that is the question.
Well, we all know the answer. The weather is amazing, how could anybody bear staying inside to study?! I spent the whole day outside wrecking my wreck-this-journal, studying like half an hour and then returning to happier things like food. I've really been in need for a relaxed day lately - school is putting so much pressure on me, it's horrible. However, next monday will be my last day of school in all my life. I don't even know how to put it into words, it is a strange situation as I should be kinda melancholic and extremely happy but actually, I am just so bored by the lessons and stressed by studying all afternoon which is an even weirder combination. Right now, it's a mixture between feeling guilty for not studying, feeling slightly melancholic but happy at the same time because the sun never fails to cheer me up (I don't know why I don't seem at least slightly happy in the pictures, though).

To much talking about my life again - I hope you don't mind. Well, I dressed according to my current mood pretty schizophrenic in black and white. Now, let's please take a second to take a deep breath and appreciate this jacket. It's basically the most perfect jacket humanity has ever seen, right? How genius is this design?! I love the clear, basic look combined with the beautiful face. The fabric is also perfect and - it still gets even better - it was only four euros!
I wear some random black shirt and also a skirt which I sewed a couple of weeks ago. It's black velvet, which I really like. The flower crown is lilac, which happens to be a color I normally avoid, but I still love flowers of this color and so I created this little crown together with my boyfriend a few weeks ago. The socks are my sister's, but they're Happy Socks, how could I resist borrowing them?
This outfit really summarizes my current asthetic - black, white, graphic designs and a flower crown. Basically the perfect look if you're extremely tired in the morning because you don't have to open your eyes while choosing your outift, as everything will go well together.

I really am in love with this jacket.

In other news, I have been to the Autralian Pink Floyd Tribute Show! AAAH! It was incredibly, like, otherworldly incredible! The use of the approximately one thousand lights was so accurate and amazing, especially when they played "Shine on you crazy diamond" - which they actually played in full length ( one third of the entire concert, basically!). Also, at one point during the concert, a giant pink kangaroo appeared on the stage and the teacher from Another Brick in the Wall, and, wow, I have no words to tell you how amazing it all was.
It also was quite funny, because my boyfriend and I were the youngest people there - by far. I guess my taste in music is slightly different than the average teen, haha.

It definitely was an unforgettable experience and I am still totally in awe when I think of how great it was. Such a great birthday present!
Anyways, I hope you are having a lovely spring!

Lots of love,



  1. your jacket is ace - it reminds me of picasso! also your socks are super cute x

  2. That jacket is amazing! Where did you get it?

    1. thanks :)♥ at a local fleamarket which was crowded by hipsters and accompanied by unbearable electronic music - at least there were nice clothes! you can google the brand, though, maybe it's still available somewhere. It's from the " avli collection". good luck! :)

  3. Your whole outfit looks fantastic but that jacket is out of this world amazing ! I'm guessing that by now you probably had your final exams already but if not good luck if so I just hope it went well and good luck with your graduation day ! How exciting !!

    xo, Charlie

  4. Thanks Rookie I discovered your blog. You truly are fantastic. I mean I almost love it (you big of course) as much as Batman. And god knows Batman is my soulmate

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  6. I love your jacket! reminds me of Vivetta. You should check out their stuff I think you'd like them a lot! xx


  7. YASS to that jacket . I had to do a double take , I absolutely love !


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  9. Ahh that is such an amazing jacket! x

  10. I love your style :) , you are looking fabulous
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  11. Oh my god that jacket is next level awesome! Its like Matisse met 1980s Esprit