May 31, 2015

Make me jump into the air, keep your electric eye on me babe, put your ray gun to my head, press your space face close to mine, love - Freak out in a moonage daydream!

Hello lovelies!
If you have wondered why I look that horrible in these pictures, it's because I'm sick, which is not that bad actually as I now have a valuable excuse for not getting dressed and lying in bed all day long. I have no school anymore! It is strange, though, because I have gained a lot of unknown freedom all of the sudden but I'm not too sure how to deal with it. Well, actually, I am not yet done with school - one exam out of five left. So far the exams have been very difficult; I did my best, though.
Funnily enough, after the major school/exam pressure was over, I felt a sudden rush of creativity. My sense of creative fashion suffered quite a lot the past two years and - sadly - I even neglected it. Most of the time was spent in T-shirt and jeans, paired with a flower crown and outfit repeating. There was so much going on in my head and life that I simply had no time and power left to create. However, since school is over, I have been experimenting more and more with my wardrobe! I have been thrift shopping a few times, made a T-shirt, worked on collaborations with fashion companies and have been journaling more. Awesome, right? So, y'all, be prepared for so many posts coming up! (I mean it). I'm going to get into this a lot more from now on! :)

I'm also trying to get the best out of my wardrobe and trying a few new combinations - as I did here. I love this outfit, as it is summer-y and sassy at the same time! I am wearing my beloved Rookie Shirt (24/7, honestly), a tulle skirt from when I was like eight or something (hint: going to wear this at prom!), and I glued some silver stars on my face. I have been listening to David Bowie all day, so a little freakier makeup was obligatory! I have been really into tulle skirts lately, I love how dramatical and still dreamy they look! So this one has been essential for my inspiration lately. Furthermore, the boots I am wearing are lovingly called Major Tom boots by me, as they really remind me of David Bowie/Astronauts! The flower crown I am wearing (outfit repeater, see last post... sorry) was handmade by myself at home. By the way, I bought a new Bowie record last week, yay!
The most remarkable thing about this outfit, perhaps, is that it is totally white. To be honest, I have spent the entire winter and also most of the cold season which actually was supposed to be spring (thumbs up for German weather) in black or mostly dark clothing - now that it is getting warmer I intended to wear more colors and brighter outfits. It works somehow, but not always.

isn't he... incredible? Just look at his hair!

Anyways, I am really happy about my current creative mood and will post a lot more from now on (I really mean it this time!). I have a gazillion ideas in my head!

Lots of love,



  1. Super cute outfit as always, Mary <333 Those holographic boots are so rad!

  2. I love the outfit ! I'm a big fan of anything in tulle, not even gonna start on those fantastic shoes you've got there !
    xx, Charlie.

  3. Love this outfit and that skirt is amazing omg x

  4. Ohmygod girl I love your style! And those boots yesss!

  5. Hello Mary! Just stumbled upon your blog today and I am very interested in your sense of style. I followed! its nice to see great content on a blog

    Yours Truly,
    Hani (


    1. Hi! thank you ♥ it's available at Rookie ( :)

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