Jul 15, 2015

So the moon took control of my eyes and my soul, now I'm smiling cause I'm dancing with the witches in the moonlight, watch me dancing with the witches in the moonlight. When I was young I didn't know the summer days seemed 25 years long ...

Hi lovelies!

I'm literally smiling as I am typing this which is because I crazily love creating content on this blog but manage to post far too less - so posting something new always makes me extremely happy.
As crazy as it may sound, ever since I've graduated, I have even less time than before! I've been so busy - however, for diversion, I've been doing things I love.
I intended to fill these weeks before work with all the things - and only those - making me happy. So I am visiting fleamarkets, theatres, taking tons of analog pictures, doing art, spending time with my friends and my boyfriend, travelling to foreign countries, journaling, going to concerts and festivals  and basically doing things I never before had the time to. Despite of this sounding very cheesy, it works out perfectly and I can proudly say I am having a wonderful, fantastic, groovy summer! Ehem, and I am also working for a local newspaper - which is actually great fun, I get to go to cultural events without paying, haha, and I really enjoy writing, so that's quite cool.
Please excuse the massive amount of talking about myself lately!

For Fashion Talk start reading here → ♥
Summer means colors, lovelies! Which is why I bought this T-Shirt, I love the design. Actually, it's from the men's department - most of my clothes are, frankly. Everything about men's shirts is better than the ones in the women's department! First of all, the fabric is way softer and more comfortable. The pattern is way nicer in my opinion, I don't like slim clothes which I don't fit in anyways. Half of my clothes (I'm serious, I counted!) are men's T-Shirts. And the collection is growing further and further. Besides the T-Shirt, I am wearing a white collar which is so old I can't remember where I bought it, and a velvet black skirt I made by myself. The shoes have been my sister's but now they're mine (insert Gollum's laughter here) - they're perfect! They're see-through! How cool is that?! They also function as wellies which makes them even better. Underneath, I am wearing my Frida Kahlo socks. I usually hate yellow clothing, but these socks... ohmy. Frida portraits on your feet? Yes please! I am crazily collecting clothing related to Frida and everytime I wear one of my Frida items, I feel totally strong and undefeatable. If I'm going deeper in my obsession  love for Frida, this post would never end, so I'll just stop.

So you've probably gotten the gist that all my clothes I am wearing here are great, but I think they fit together perfectly: The socks color-match the shirt, and I love the combination of clothes which belong to both sides of the gender binary. I like contrasting stereotypically male clothes (white collar, T-shirt) with stereotypically female ones (skirt). Anyhow, I have been questioning and thinking about gender a lot lately, which is why I'm incorporating items made for men in my outfits as well as taking style inspiration from boys as well as from girls. I will probably go deeper into this in a following post. I have some great ones planned, by the way. Only need more time! I guess I will just give up on sleep totally - it's too hot anyways! I believe as soon as I have free time, I'm flooding my planner with all kinds of events I usually don't have the time to visit...
Anyways: I hope you are all having a great summer!

Lots of love,



  1. This post alone made me so happy. I'm glad you're having a great summer!! I might start working for my local newspaper next summer! xx

  2. Your summer sounds amazing! My summer days really are seeming 25 years long because I've run out of things to do! I'd love to read more about what your obsession with Frida Kahlo and your thoughts on gender. Can't wait for more posts xx


  3. I enjoy writing to- I love it :D I really like your t-shirt. The design is perfect!
    Jade x

  4. I wish my summer days felt that long, but I've managed to fill them up so it's basically a more fun version of the rest of the year :p also that shirt is the cutest!


  5. Now I ain't no wiser but I know
    That it's a drag to be alone

    So the moon took control of my eyes and my soul
    Now I'm smiling cause I know for me
    No bell can ever toll

    Ja, das Leben ist so kurz und die Hexen werden durchs Altern auch nicht schöner!
    Gruß, Joachim

  6. So funny, I feel the same about being so much busier after graduating!! Also that sock-shoe combo is makin me FEEL THINGS.


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