Jun 22, 2015

Femme fatales emerged from shadows to watch this creature fair, boys stood upon their chairs to make their point of view, I smiled sadly for a love I could not obey. Lady Stardust sang his songs of darkness and dismay.

Hi lovelies!
BIG, BIG NEWS. I have finally graduated! Tadah!
Well, the official ceremony takes place on friday (with prom and all that stuff - I'm so exited) but technically, I am finished with school! And I am ready and prepared for having a perfect last summer before working and going to College. It actually is a mix between feeling totally grown up and being scared of the big world, but mostly, I am extremely exited and very happy about not having school but loads and loads of spare time to spend at festivals, concerts, culture events, art and with my friends! I have decided to document every second of this summer and my journal is full of stuff already.

As I said in my last post, I have felt a rush of creativity and have been more motivated than ever to let my personal unicorn shaped freak flag fly! And therefore, I have bought the literally best Tee ever. To be honest, half of my closet consists of tees found in the men|s department, but this one is different. It it, let|s name it, cosmic. Galactic. Otherworldly awesome. It is more than an alien face on a black background. It is a glowing alien face on a black tee. The alien reacts to sound! The more sound, the more glowing, basically.

How perfect is this tee?! It is fascinating. And if you think it costed me, like, half an arm, it was just fifteen bucks! Actually, it makes me really happy.
I kept the rest of the outfit simple to emphasize the awesomeness of the tee. I bought the midi skirt two weeks ago (it is from Pull&Bear) and I have been wearing it a lot since then. Usually, my skirts are a lot shorter, so it makes a nice change in my closet and is also way more practical than mini skirts. The badge I am wearing shows Dr. Frank n Furter from The Rocky Horror Picture Show (what could be more fitting to a lien tee than a alien badge?). The boots are also kinda spacy, I think. They were a gift from my boyfriend and I kinda overwear them. Furthermore, there is black lipstick which I have not worn in a while but it kinda just matched the general blackness of the outfit perfectly.

In other news, I have made a Facebook Page for my blog! Visit it here, and I would love to get a thumbs up from you! That would be lovely.

Well, I hope you're all fine and having a great summer!

Lots of love,



  1. Ahh! Literally have been waiting so long for another post! Glad your back! xx


  2. Congratulions on graduating :)


  3. LOVE this!! Your shirt is incred and also your boyfriend has amazing taste wow xxx


  4. This outfit is AMAZING! WHERE DID YOU GET THAT T-SHIRT IT'S AWESOME! And the black lipstick looks great on you! :) xoxo


  5. Congratulations on graduating !!! Love the tee shirt by the way, so original !

    xx, Charlie

  6. You are my style icon, thanks for the inspiration and congrats'!