Jul 31, 2012

Daisy sunnies DIY

Inspired by a pair of wonderful sunnies seen on Rookie I made up a little crazy DIY for you.
1.You'll need: A pair of sunnies like mine, thick white paper, scissors, acrylic paint in yellow (optional) and a hot glue gun. Paint your sunnies yellow, if they aren't already. Don't be stupid and paint the actual glasses you see trough ( I assume you aren't. ) .
2. Then take the thick paper and fold it like a fan. Draw a petal, hold it and cut it out. You should have more than one petal ( yay it's magic!)
3. Now, take your hot glue gun and glue the petals inside the sunnies like you see on the picture. I recommend only two or three petals on the bottom part of the sunnies. Allow it to dry and you are done! Have fun with these freakin' awesome sunnies. :)
Oh, yeah, there's something else... Happy summer holidays, everybody! YAY!

xoxo, Mary

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