Jul 22, 2012



Hey, you guys, welcome this amazing continent. Asia is great and big and it has so many facets. Just think of all these blinkin' lights in Tokyo, think of the Himalaya, of the tea and the athmosphere, think of pandas and chinese dragons, think of temples, think of deserts, rice plantations, asian food, asian markets, think of elephants and noisy monkeys living right in the city, think of bamboo and think of Holi which is certainly one of the best things ever ( just look at these pictures ). I think you got the point. Thus, it is pretty difficult to choose one outfit. :)

This look shows the poorer parts of Asia, the rice plantations. People living there usually don't have a choice and just wear... whatever. For me, dark denim is a fabric which kind of reminds me of Asia ( which is weird,  because it is clearly the most american garment you could think of. ) . Who thought "whatever" could be super stylish? :)
1. Chicwish
2. Urban Outfitters
3.  Etsy

Yay, blinkin' lights of Tokyo! In my opinion, asian girls always seem very girly and like little princesses which are crazy about hello kitty ( that's not a bad thing. ) They are so glamorous and shiney and glitter-y. I can't tell you how they really are as I don't know, but this would look pretty cute. And if you would ever wear something similar, go get this candy.

1. topshop
2. asos
3. asos
4. topshop
5. + 6. topshop

PS: If I had to choose, Asia would be my favourite continent.

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