Jul 20, 2012


Welcome, lovely people, to my new series! It is my first one and I am pretty exited. These are all stereotypes of different countries. Usually, I hate stereotypes as they are never true. I do not expect anyone in these countries to look exactly like this or something. Stereotypes can help, expectations can help, but they can also destroy. I am everything but typical german and I think that's kinda cool because no one should look exactly the same, ya know? It is difficult to explain. So don't be mad at me and have fun :)


Welcome in this stormy, rainy, nice, stylish country. I really like british fashion blogs like Wunderlust as they combine a vixen-vibe with classics and tea cups... awesome. Thus, I chose a pretty classical outfit with studs ( I have been pretty much in love with studs recently... ).

1. Topshop ( a pretty daisy pleated skirt)
2. Asos ( I adore this studded leather collar...)
3. Topshop ( this skirt has a wonderful school-uniform vibe, doesn't it? )
4. Forever 21 (a blouse which goes with everything. )
5. Asos ( I ordered them and I am so exited )
6. Topshop ( This tee has a london map on it! How adorable! )
7. Romwe ( This embellished blouse is very, very classical and would look stunning with this jumper)
8. Topshop ( See the vixen- vibe I talked about? )
9. Forever 21 (This skinny jeans is both classic and modern. )
10. Forever 21 ( I've been wishing for a necklace like this for months)
11. Flapper Girl ( Lady ties are so stunning.... )
12. Romwe ( Houndstooth! Just imagine how AMAZING this would look with #9! Awesome!)



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