Mar 24, 2013

Paint your picture of mountain waterfall cold in rainbow sky, lost in wonder, ever floating, white clouds still go by, you'll discover moon-shine.

Hello awesome people. As said earlier, I have got some amazing new pen pals - these are the mails I received already. They were all full of sparkles, glitter and awesomeness! I got so much cute stuff and as every package contained so many sparkles, my whole room (including me and my cat) glitters now. 

Ibe's letter was so perfect. Ribbon roses, band aids, stickers, sparkles, goggly eyes and SO MUCH GLITTER.

Flower's letter which arrived yesterday. I love it just SO much! She sent me some amazing stuff. 

I did a package swap with Dani and that's what she sent me. The package was so amazing!

A super awesome playlist, a David Bowie zine, and a drawing...


That bouncing ball is mine, but the rest was sent to me by my best blogger friend Carla. She's the cutest.

Flower sent me that patch from her lovely Etsy shop! I fell in love with it when I saw it online, it's so beautiful!

Well, there's a lot of daily life stuff to tell! First of all, it was my birthday on Tuesday! I turned fifteen and had a lovely day. I also got some ubercute presents. 
The week was very very busy, though - we had this theater play in our school and I had a lead character. I also had to sing a song with another girl, which was awful. My mic didn't work and everything went wrong. Besides that, it was okay. We had really many extra rehearsals, it was a lot of work. 
Anyways, right now, I am pretty sick. I have a terrible cold and it sucks. I am also freezing my butt off all the time, even when everyone around me runs around with T-Shirt. But it's awfully cold outside - I can't believe there is still snow outside!
I also went to a fleamarket today and it was such a waste of time. There were five people selling useless and ugly stuff, so we returned home quite quickly. Now I am sitting here, buried under a zillion of blankets and coughing like crazy and I will listen to Pink Floyd now and watch childish movies. I wish I had some pizza, too.

Hope you are all fine!


PS: I am so sorry for this lack of posting! I have been sleeping more than I was awake the past few days so I didn't have time. 


  1. I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award!


  2. this is all so cool! i really really like your blog! x

  3. Yay! I thought I was the only one under the age of 50 who likes Pink Floyd!

  4. omg im looking for a new pen pal. can we be pen pals too?


  5. Happy late birthday! Also David Meowie I'm dying.


  6. awh gurl i'm glad u liked it yayayayayaya <333

  7. Oh my god, all your other pen pals are amazing!!! Flowers patch!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy to be your bestest blogger friend! I am really excited to send you your letter, just saying your letter was amazing and I can't wait to discuss everything with you. Enjoy your pink floyd, they make everything better, I always listen to them in class and want to burst out singing.

  8. YES YES YES I love everything yes. Your style aesthetic your blog this post its all PERFECT.

  9. I'm so glad you liked the package, yours was so awesome! The unicorn socks are proving to be magic. I've worn them twice and the first time I had a very weird night in a graveyard and the second a vintage dealer showed me a McQueen dress worth like £200,000 or something (it was insane.) So thank you so much and I'm just starting to put together the next one ^_^

  10. so many awesome things you've got! and happy birhday ^-^ the rebel rebel patch is amazing! your blog seems cool, i will read more.