Mar 18, 2013

Follow her down to a bridge by a fountain where rocking horse people eat marshmallow pies, everyone smiles as you drift past the flowers that grow so incredibly high...

Hey. Today I wore a thrifted band shirt, I bought it on a fleamarket and the seller told me it's a Heavy Metal band. The tulle skirt is from my childhood, as is the bracelet. I also wear thrifted shoes (fleamarket!) and my mum's socks. And I wrote "Happy Bitchday" on my arm because it's my birthday tomorrow.
Yay for birthday! I will turn fifteen and I am not really exited, actually. I have a role in a huge play in our school, so I am very busy and don't have time to celebrate my birthday at all. But next week will be holidays! I really need holidays, duh.
Anyways, there's so much to catch on! I went to the "Leipziger Buchmesse" on Friday, and it was so amazing! It is a huge bookfair, and there was a huge hall ONLY FOR COMICS AND ANIME. Yeah you got me right. It was so incredibly awesome! There were, like, so many Cosplayers! And so much kawaii stuff! And so many Mangas! And Kittens! Ah! I was in awe and felt like in paradise. Here are a few pictures I took:

She was so cute!

The quote on the left thing-y says something like "In the middle of the winter it occured to me that there is this invincible summer inside of me." I love this quote! Especially as I am so sick of winter. It is march and there is snow outside, can you believe that?!

Also my cellphone is broken, which is obviously awful.
Well., in other news, my saturday was amazing. I sat in my bed, writing letters and this manifesto (read it, I am quite proud of it!), eating pizza and ice cream and listening to Reggae. Sounds quite amazing to me. Whatever, I am tired and talk only bullshit here.




  1. Skirt is really pretty!

  2. Happy birthday! And nice lyrics, I love the beatles. :)

  3. That outfit is perfect! Leipziger Buchmesse sounds really fun there is nothing that cool here. Oh and a massive HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! xx

  4. YOU AND MY SISTER HAVE THE SAME BIRTHDAY happy early birthday to youuuu <333 your skirt is so prettyyyyy the leipziger buchmesse sound amazing too!

    ✞✞ dani ✞✞

  5. sup grrrl, i nominated you for the versatile award <3

  6. I really love the combination of the band shirt and the tulle - it's a perfect clash of punk and pretty.