Mar 8, 2013

Two tall trees, spring came, we sprouted golden leaves, then came the rain, now they're falling two by two, a trail of love by me and you.

Hey guys! Happy women's day, and happy weekend! I have been really busy this week, so I am really glad it's finally weekend. My week was full of earwigs and strawberries and spring vibes. Spring has finally started! I am incredibly exited for spring, I really want to wear all my dresses again. It was very warm today, though, so I could wear my vein tights again! Sorry for overwearing them, but I think they are just really cool. I also enjoy all those stares at my legs (my English teacher came to me, raised one eyebrow and said "interesting tights..."). And I also scared some friends, haha. Anyways, I also overwear my thrifted Kennedy Space Center shirt in men's size XXL. It's cozy and I love the print! I have way too less clothes, man... well, the lace skirt is really small, but I sewed it last summer (this sentence doesn't make sense.). Also my Docs god how much I love them! I DIYed the flower crown.
I will go to a fleamarket on Sunday and I'm very exited! I definitely need some new clothes.
Furthermore, most of the packages that I was waiting for arrived! I will post them soon. Everything glitters now, it's like someone opened a glitter bomb in my bed, haha. I sent three letters back today, but I still need to write some more!
The highlight today was discovering my new favorite band. They are called "Spring" and released only one album around 1970. I have listened to every song already, they are all so beautiful! If you don't know them, watch this and you will love them. Isn't this totally beautiful?



PS: Sorry for this ugly picture!


  1. You always look so cool, i ADORE all your clothes, I also made my own flower crown too x

  2. That t-shirt is so beautiful and I love the scalloped edges on the skirt <3 oh and vein leggings and doc martens are the coolest and edgiest combination ever <3

  3. You are so darling. Those tights rock!

    <3 Melissa

  4. That t-shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Waiting on the edge of my seat for your glitter filled letter:):):)

  5. ohmehgawd! Everything you own is super amazing! I love everything you wear. You are so inspiring, one of the blogs that made me decide to start a blog, mine isn't very good yet of course but I'm working on it. I listened to losers and fell in love with that band i love songs with piano accompaniment as it's usually guitar and i play the piano! Does that sentence make sense? oh well. Maybe we could be pen pals or something or exchange emails I don't really know, I'm new to all this kinda stuff. Haha! :) Xxx