Sep 1, 2013

Just a perfect day, you made me forget myself, I thought I was someone else, someone good.

Hello hello guys! As you may know, I am feeling very insecure currently, but there are some days when I am like HEY I NEED A BLOG POST and guess what, today's the day. So I am just updating on life, how it has been, what I have been thinking and doing, what I have been writing... Hope you like it, and I hope you like the direction of blogging that I'm trying right now.

Life has been amazing lately - it's summer (actually, it's supposed to be summer cause, to be honest, the weather is not that great here but at least we are having holidays . I have been doing so much cool stuff these holidays. I went on a festival with my boyfriend. It was about urban art and made me want to write stories again, everything felt very artsy. The bands were totally great, and the artists were friendly and super cool. It was an awesome experience, and I really want to do that again. 

Well, another thing: I was in Poland a week, I guess I mentioned it here before, with my friends. Here are just a few pictures. We all had so much fun, I took about 2000 pictures.

 Bracelets from Danzig and a Henna tattoo which is gone already but it was beautiful.

 Me, at the sea, feeling free and happy.

 We slept in a VW-museum and there were so many cute cars! I totally freaked out about them.

 A sixties-themed collage which broke my heart because of nostalgia.
That was the last evening, we went to a great concert of a band which is famous in Poland.

On the other side, I have been feeling weirdly confused lately. Here is some stuff which I wrote into my journal the past few days:

I feel like a plastic bag cause whatever I see fills me and makes me want to be like that. 
You could make me a completely different person day by day. It scares me and I don't know what I want to fill into that plastic bag, I don't even know who I want to be, neither who I am. There's so much in that plastic bag that I sometimes throw up all these different things and crumble into one white, ugly, confused ball.
That plastic bag is drifting through the cold, fall-ish air desperately longing to somewhere finally, get to lay down on the floor and staying there, desperately longing for a place where it belongs to, but everytime it seems like it will stay this way, everything changes all of the sudden and the wind makes me leave, and search for peace in all directions.

Kinda like hormones and angstiness everywhere.
Whatever, I hope you are fine, thank you for reading this.




  1. I hope you are having a good summer. The festival looks very cool and you look so happy and healthy in these pictures- You're also very very pretty by the way! haha. Oh man I'm so jealous, that museum looks so awesome. And I hope you'll be okay soon, everyone has those moments in life and the only thing you can do is try to walk right through it. :)

  2. You have no reason to feel insecure, you're so creative and pretty! Also I love that song by Lou Reed xx

  3. I love your green dress, and the picture you took of the grafitti :) and, i feel you about the plastic bag thing. i constantly see things and hear about things and i'm like, "oh! i should be ___ type of person now!" it's confusing to figure out exactly who you are...but don't worry.

    Lou Reed <33

  4. Omg! You`re post is so wonderful and poland looks very nice! Also I can so much understand that you feel like a plastic bag! Me too. :-) I don`t know how I am, how I like to be... A plastic bag is a great example!

  5. Antonia you are gorgeous inside and out!!! That VW museum looks amazing - was that in Poland too? (Sorry if that's a stupid question)
    I love how bright and happy this post is too, what a mood lifter ☀