Sep 12, 2013

Mirrors on the ceiling, the pink champagne on ice and she said "We are all just prisoners here, of our own device".

Today was the first day of school and it was kinda exiting and cool but it still sucks almost as much as it did last year. But, hey, I have only two years of school left now! That sounds... long. I hope I'll survive without crying attacks and fights (as if, haha...). 
Well, I have this awesome new velvet tee and I love it but I HAD NO CLUE HOW TO WEAR IT so I spent the last two hours on tumblr searching for some inspiration but I failed and then I decided to clean up my room and found these trousers and they match perfectly (or maybe I was just depressed and made myself believe they match with the top). I have searched for similar trousers so I was pretty surprised and happy when I found these in my room - I completely forgot about them, I think I never wore them at all. Although that kind of trousers makes your butt appear huge, I still like them - they are kinda 90ies and comfy and I think they are cool. The shoes (which you are probably pretty tired of) are DIYed and all the pins in my hair are gifted or from my childhood and I think they light up the outfit a bit... dunno. And, speaking of hair, you may have noticed it's shorter than in the last post - I went to the hairdresser, and I really miss my hair, although I like how healthy it looks now. And I played around with the editing program, that's why the color is that weird. 
I bought a new record, by the way! It's "Hotel California" by The Eagles and the quality is totally excellent, I basically listen to it all day long. (and all night long). 

Yeah, I hope you are alright.




  1. I love the old fashioned vibes- the velvet top is so pretty!! :)


  2. love the dark lipstick on you! it's so hard to pull off and you do it flawlessly <3

  3. This looks so edgy yet retro! I love the whole look, and I agree you pull off dark lipstick amazingly well! It always looks perfect with your outfits!

  4. You only have two years of school left? I thought students graduated at 18-19 in Germany!
    I'm seventeen and have two years left as well... (but my new school is pretty cool so that's ok)

  5. You look so amazing!! all your posts are always great too!

  6. i think you look rad:):) the velvet top is super cool and YOUR HAIRCLIPS!!!!!!!!
    i hope your school year is better, but seriously who wouldn't want to be friends with you?!!!

    have you gotten my letter yet?

  7. I love this look. The shoes and top are perfect. (o⌒.⌒o)


  8. Your style is sooooooo Perfect beautiful

  9. I just adore your black lipstick! And Hotel California by the Eagles is a great record!