Oct 3, 2013

Paint splashes across your cheeks, never have a doubt that life isn’t sweet. Open arms and and open mind cause you to fly, just like the knowing sun we were so high, we were so high, so high...

Hello fellow human beings. Nice to talk to you again. It's been quite long. School already seems like it's right in the middle of the year, although it's only been three weeks. I have to study a lot (I never did so before, so I always feel really ~bright~ when I go to school and have actually did something for school at home, haha. But, actually, school's pretty okay at the moment! Quite exhausting, but nice. In the german school system, a lot changes when you go to 11th grade, so quite a few things are new and exiting. I can't believe I'll be done with school in two years. I always think I am supposed to be all grown-up and to feel like an adult but I totally don't. I mean, I'll be happy when school's over, but man I was eleven yesterday and I thought sixth grade would last forever.
Anyways! I have been on a fleamarket today, sold and bought some stuff. I'll post my new items another time. I had a super cool day, although I had to get up at 5:30 am. Can you believe that?
Okay so here's an outfit I wore recently. It's really witchy, I guess! I am wearing my Pink Floyd dress, tied up, over a violet velvet dress from my childhood. It seems ridiculously small but fits me, which is kinda scary. The badges I am wearing are DIYed and you can buy similar ones here. The platform shoes are from asos, I bought them about a year ago, I guess? They are actually to small, but hey, they look good (I still don't wear them as much as I used to - I love my Doc Martens and my Converse way too much to ever wear any other shoes). The sequined collar was a gift from Britney! I love it, it's so ~sparkly~ (imagine me doing some spirit fingers here). There's a goggly eye on my forehead, black lipstick on my lips and a lot of witchiness in my head sometimes. The bracelets are reminders and souvenirs of the beautiful summer this year, everyone resembles another cool thing I did. My sister took the pictures, and I don't have a clue what she did that the last picture is that blurred and foggy, but it looks kinda cool, I think.
Speaking of taking pictures! I took some pictures with a really old disposable camera throughout the summer, and I'm very exited how they'll turn out. I did know exactly nothing about how that works, you know, so I just took pictures and I'm afrain they're all blurred or to bright or whatever, but as I can't remember of what I took pictures, I'm still extremly exited and looking forward to seeing them.
Well, hope you enjoy these pictures and like my outfit!

Lots of love,



  1. Great outfit! xo


  2. This outfit is so amazing, I've been really getting obsessed with velvet lately, so this really brightened my day. I always fell really weird when I become ultra-aware of how fast time seems to be passing me by. I remember looking through all of your older posts at the start of 6th grade and it's always been just amazing. I cant wait to see the disposable camera pictures!


  3. I love your outfit so much! The eye just completes it even more. (And I'm glad that you like the collar!) -Britney

  4. Wonderful outfit, like every of you`re outfits. :-)

  5. The galactic print trend was getting pretty dumb, but I think a pink floyd shirt is a perfect alternative to whatever ''Seventeen'' tells you to wear.

  6. I love your outfit! Very witchy!
    I got the pictures on my disposable camera developed the other day and I was so pleased with how they turned out! I was going for a happy/summer/pastel vibe but they turned out really dark and gothic and ghosty because I kept forgetting to put the flash on! I love using disposable cameras because you never know how they will turn out!


  7. Getting the film developed is so exciting especially if you've had the camera for a long time, i miss it, i may have to get another one soon! Awesome outfit and the badges you make are so neat :)

  8. can u not

    be so fucking rad

    seriously though yr outfit is perf and you rock dat lipstick and ahhhhhh

    if you would check mah blog out i would DIE and cry for hours


    xoxox liza


  10. :o your so perfect and your outfits are stunning

  11. This is so fucking rad man

    xoxo Caroline