Dec 3, 2013

Yeah, and if I'm lost, well I don't care 'cause I walk on endless stairs. You say it's me, I think it's you, who can blame us for thinkin' the way we do 'cause we don't care what we are. Take me please, take me to mars!

I'm so sorry for not posting for a whole month! Gosh, school's just keeping me so busy, I literally don't have time for anything (including any tries to get a social life, eating or sleep). I wish I could say I'm kidding, but it's exactly like that. I'm supposed to write like a gazillion tests in like, five weeks or something. It completely drives me crazy. And if that wouldn't be enough, I'm also sick. Right now, I'm procastinating - I should study for a test I'm going to write tomorrow, but hey, I mean, I also try to have a internet life! I'm so sad that I barely have time for this blog anymore, I have so many ideas for posts and outfits and I just don't have any time. I hope it'll get better in winter holidays!

Enough of that. These are the pictures I took of my little sister ages ago. I did the make-up and the styling and everything (wow, that sounds so professional, actually, we were just bored and I felt like taking pictures). She has incredibly huge eyes anyways, so that eyelid thing looked so creepy! I totally freaked out when I was done with the make-up and was looking at her. But I think it looks really awesome in a creepy-spooky way. Happy a-month-after-halloween, you guys.

Okay I'm actually so happy now that I finally wrote a post again.

Lots of love,


PS: I've got a surprise for you in the next post. xx


  1. Yes, a post from you! I missed it! Wonderful crazy pictures! Hope you`re school will be not sooo stress in the next time! (My english is really bad at the moment, sorry!!!)

  2. so cool! missed your posts...I understand though. Life's been hectic for me too! x

  3. These pictures are so cool!! I just started summer holidays so thankfully I don't have to deal with too much stress anymore. (new url, used to be myperpetualperplexities if anyone's interested)

  4. Very creepy but cool! Too bad about the lack of free time although i'm in the same boat right now. The word 'work' describes my whole life. xxx

  5. All I ever do is homework! And I'm horrible at math so I have to practice CONSTANTLY. I feel your pain.

  6. Whaha, I was scared shitless. I LOVE your amazing taste! Even if it's this early in the morning, I believe I found a new blogger that I can compare myself with :) Will be following your paw steps...foreva (whoo, that sounds pretty creepy).