Oct 29, 2013

Somewhere down where streets are ending, down the road of no return, we will meet where hearts are mending in a room where voices burn.

 Holidays are awesome. I am so happy I finally found time to take some pictures again! I was in a ~creative rush~ today so I got out my hot glue gun and made that jacket more interesting. Although I love the bad grrl vibes of a black leather jacket, I never wore mine - it was just too black and shiny for me. But I cut some letters out of an old pair of jeans and glued them on the back of the jacket. Ain't I artsy. Anyways! I am also wearing thrifted mom jeans which are cozy and warm and nice. The shirt is DIYed, the sunglasses are thrifted and the bracelets have been collected from everywhere during the summer. The socks are from Spain and the shoes from Vancouver, Canada. That's kinda crazy. I am basically wearing stuff from all over the world. Well that's cool!

I guess I just felt really inspired today. Lovely Sophie sent me her amazing zineand I read all the zines I own again. I kinda almost forgot how much fun Zines are. Reading the Zines I made about a year ago is also really funny and weird, it's strange to realize how much you have changed since making that Zine. I have been feeling pretty disoriented lately. I don't read ROOKIE as much as I used to, and I feel like I kinda lost the thing I have identified with. As much as I am struggling to just do what I want without putting myself into one special subculture, it does not really seem to work. The more I am trying to be myself, the more I try to fit into one subculture. Isn't that weird? Definitely. But well, that's what teenagehood's about, I guess. That's gonna be my excuse forever, like, I'm gonna be searching until I look like an old pumpkin.

Pumpkin! Halloween's coming. Although I have never been a fan of that Halloween stuff, I love the creepy yet cozy atmosphere in fallI made up a little photo set today and made my sister modelling for these pictures. I will upload them on Thursday!




  1. I love this! the jacket is awesome <3
    being creative is so fun right?! I always feel so good after making something or painting :)


  2. Love your jacket and t-shirt! You did a great job! x

  3. Agh This jacket (and your whole outfit) is so rad!


  4. You jacket is GENIAL!!!! And I love your jeans!
    (Schon komisch das ich meine Kommentare meistens auf Englisch schreibe, obwohl wir beide Deutsch sind. :-))

  5. so. cool. Your black lipstick makes everything you wear look 100% cooler. too cool!!

  6. Your jacket looks fantastic. I adore your top. I love how artistic you are! It's really amazing and inspiring. Thanks for mentioning me :') I'm glad my zine inspired you :D I totally know what you mean about trying not to fit into one subculture but kind of feeling like you should. I don't know. Some days I feel super girly and other days I want to be full on punk. You look so cool in these photos xoxo


  7. Amazing jeans! Love what you did to the jacket and a big fan of your lipstick!


  8. I've nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award. This award is given to bloggers who bring sunshine to the blogging world. You can see more about the nomination and how to proceed at my blog.
    I really love your blog and wanted to include it in my list of nominees.

  9. I love your personal style!!! love the jacket and the jeans!! Please follow me and check out my blog!! http://honeywearsclothes.blogspot.com/

  10. I love this jacket so much!

    xoxo Caroline