Feb 18, 2013

As they try to change their worlds, are immune to your consultations - they're quite aware of what they're going through!

Hello guys. So this is kind of an update of my vein tights outfit, only... cooler. I really like it, it's so Rookie! I am wearing my awesome vein tights from Oasap, my tulle skirt from my childhood, my lovely Dr. Martens (how much I love them...) and maybe my favorite garment ever, my customized denim jacket. I upgraded it this weekend with a David Bowie badge and a Ghost World badge, both DIYed. I love love love those two badges! Actually, this jacket says really much about me - it's obvious that I love Bowie, Tavi (and therefore Rookie), glitter, Ghost world - and soon I'll add a Unicorn patch and a feminist one. I DIYed this top the other day, there's a pentagram on it (I am such a faker, sorry!). I really like it. This is one of my favorite outfits so far!
Well, today was so relaxed. I am sick and stayed at home, and my boyfriend came over surprisingly to bring me tea and cake, it was so cute! I wrote letters to my new pen pals, Ibe and Flower and made some buttons. Sonya's letter arrived today and it was so cute and awesome (and covered in glitter. Everything glitters now - my bed, my laptop, I and my cat!). I'll soon do a post with all the letters and extra stuff I've got.
Oh, yeah, and please have a look at my zine.




  1. I've just discovered your blog, oooh you're adorable, you dress absolutely impeccably, I also love Rookie and David Bowie x

  2. Love this and I am s happy you got the Docs!

  3. I love our outfit, that jacket is amazing <3 Do you want to be my penpal (I saw your post on the wandering facebook group but facebook isn't working for me)? If you do, email me! (fashionfledge@gmail.com) :D

  4. ahhhh, i am so jealous of your life right now. It seems so happy, which is excellent for you obviously:) I love your skirt and your docs!!!!!!!!!!!! i got some too:) Have fun with you penpals and glitter:)
    ps: your letter is on its way!!!!! no grumpy post ladies now.

  5. your jacket and tights are amazing, it's so ROOKIE! do you want to do a package swap? (i really want an excuse to make a david bowie zine for someone :3) email me! (dmga99@gmail.com)

    xx dani

  6. Your outfit is awesome! I need to go draw veins on every single pair of tights I own and wear the holy heck out of black lipstick right now...

  7. I have those tights too, Love them so much~♡ Even wore them to school photography day back in the autumn, haha.
    By the way, I'm a fellow European rookie and have checked your blog before, it's way cool and, um, who doesn't like Bowie? Like seriously, at least one song?