Feb 4, 2013

Every time that we fly together our plane blows up in the sky, we're workin' in an explosives factory 'cause we don't care if we die.

Hello. Um, so these are pictures I took with my best friend this weekend. As you see, we made a lovely jacket for her. She had an old denim jacket left, so we just customized it. We used goggly eyes and fake flowers, buttons, and everything that might look good on a jeans jacket. It was really funny and awesome. Yay for sleepovers!

This week will be incredibly busy, though. I am looking forward for our holidays next week so much, I can't stand school anymore. I have literally no free time! Busy times.

Big big news! I am currently working on a Rookie Zine. I will sell it on Etsy for you guys. Now, it's not completely finished yet, and I need your help. It would be awesome if you would tell me your favorite Rookie article, or what Rookie means to you. That would be so nice of you! Thank you so much. Just post it as a comment, or write a mail ( birdiewearsatie@web.de). I am so exited! I hope I can do that tomorrow.




  1. Wow wow wow, you two are awesome. Such a pretty jacket! Looking forward to the Rookie zine xoxo

  2. You too look cool! I like the background of the map, I've always thought maps look so cool.

  3. Those are so cute! I'll be looking forward to the zine. :D

  4. I think you look like peppy from the artist in those pictures... Maybe the hair and makeup?
    Anyway,my favorite rookie feature/article would be the real people reviews. Good luck with the zine, it sounds awesome.

  5. OMG OMG OMG you two are actually too cute! can I be your guys's frienddddd <3

  6. Wow. Your blog is like the chronicles of coolness. Your going on my blog roll asap! Love the jacket, and the collages, they look like genuine rookie artifacts!