Feb 1, 2013

Oh let the sun beat down upon my face, stars to fill my dream, I am a traveler of both time and space, to be where I have been.

Hey y'all, so short post because I have to catch the bus. I will have a sleepover with my best buddy tonight, yay! We'll make zillions of pictures and customize a denim jacket. And I will take my tiara with me to cry like a princess when I will have burned my finger with the hot glue gun.
I am wearing a lovely jumper from Vila, DIYed or thrifted buttons and badges ( the coolest one is definitely my Tavi Badge...), and a thrifted shirt. I actually don't know what this skirt is meant to be - it's not even a skirt, but it also doesn't look like shorts or so. I like it, though - those pleats have this wonderful schoolgirl vibe. I am just realizing that this picture is really weird. I only made one because it was too cold in this outfit, and liked it at first, but now... Anyways, I first tried to channeled some Rookie vibes, then I saw some Ghost world pictures and I just ended up wearing a really schoolgirl-ish look.
So, all this dumbness and boredom has finally stopped. So many beautiful things happened this week, I am actually smiling because of memories as I am writing this. I am really happy right now. No more boredom and shit.




  1. this is so cute!
    you are SO lucky to have a rookie friend to make crowns and jackets and cool stuff with LEMME TELL YOU. (sobs forever) <3

    but yeah you look awesome as always :)


  2. Totally school girl. But like realistic school girl..


    xx Domenic

  3. awesome! That jumper is a really foresty magical green. Just letting you know, I GOT YOUR LETTER! I emailed you but I don't know if you're getting them. Anyway, I have written a letter back and its FOUR PAGES!!!! so you better be ready:) I will send it along with some other stuff as soon as possibe.
    Glad you're happy, I'm happy too:):):)
    ps: now I am also starting to think our lives are freakishly similar.

  4. Sounds like fun! Cute outfit. :D

  5. Love your outfit! x


  6. ughhhh you are too cute. that outfit is superb and you are about the cutest thing ever!