Feb 6, 2013

We listened to songbirds and rush hour cars and welcomed in the day, peace in London in summertime is great, on days like this I feel like I can escape.

Woohoo! I am finished! This is my latest zine "The ROOKIE Flavour". It's about Rookie, who would have thought it, and it's 22 pages of collages, rants, pictures, dreams, angstyness (is that a word?) and how teenagehood feels with Rookie. I cut out pictures from old magazines and an awesome book which once was pretty cool from a thrift store (it's about Take That and really nineties!). There are also many jewels, sticker, glitter and the ultimate Rookie Playlist. Sounds awesome, I know, and I also know that you desperately want to have it, haha.
But seriously, I set up an etsy yesterday to sell it. It comes as a pdf, and it's only two dollars. I am also very very open for zine swaps, so just send a mail to birdiewearsatie@web.de and we can swap'em. My Etsy is called "The Unicorn's smell" and I would be so happy if someone would buy it! I'd like to say thank you in advance.
I made it this weekend, with lots of support from David Bowie and The flaming lips. Pretty irrelevant, but this just makes everything better (oh, and I also listened to Reggae...). I just suddenly felt very creative, and I was like "Oh I need to make a Rookie zine". And this is how it turned out. I am very satisfied with it, I really like the way it looks. It's pretty awesome, just saying.
Sneak peek (these aren't the best pages, but I don't want to show the rest to you yet)(which means buy it!):

So, um. Hope you are all fine. ALSO BIG BIG NEWS! I finally ordered my Doc Martens! You would never believe how exited and happy I am! I hope they will arrive on Friday.




  1. Cool! And good on you for setting up an etsy, i've thought about it but it seems so hard and time consuming >< and I'm excited to see your docs!

  2. THIS IS SO COOL! I love Rookie and I love zines so OBVIOUSLY THIS IS PERFECT.

  3. It looks really cool! Hope it does well!!!I love making zines!!


  4. Ooh looks AWESOME! I'd love to do a zine swap, I'll email you :)

  5. Can't wait to see the docs!!!!! So glad you got them.

  6. Can't wait to get this- it's a shame you can't do hard cover copies but I can sympathise with that being an even more enormous amount of work. Love it <3

  7. I love how you made the cover look like rookie yearbook! I'm kinda broke right now, so I probably won't be buying soon, but maybe someday?
    : )

  8. omg!!! I need this one and your other zine!! :-( also, please take a million photos of your docs once you get them, i'm excited to see them!

  9. I LIVE FOR YOUR BLOG POSTS OKAY i mean rookie+zines what could be better OH WAIT A ROOKIE ZINE GAHH excuse me while i fangirl over this.
    would you like to do a package swap darrrlin? and woo dr martens.

    xx dani

  10. The zine looks lovely! Just to clarify-- if I bought it on etsy, would it come as a hard copy, or you'd email it as a PDF?

  11. I purchased it! Sent you a message on etsy :)