Oct 28, 2012

Chewing chewing chewing

Hey lovelies. Like so many times, Rookie made my day. They introduced me to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu which is SO AMAZING. As halloween's coming soon, her creepy style is so inspirational. Her style is really kawaii, a mix of girly, cute and creepy stuff - everything I love! Could it be even better?
She started her carrier as a fashion blogger (like us) and is now a singer and a model. She had so may different hair colors, hair styles and she rocked every look. Kyara is so amazing and colourful!
She was my inspiration for day's outfit. The Dr. Martens are missing, I know. I really need to get a pair of them!

Crown - DIYed
Collar - thrifted
Tulle skirt - DIYed
Book Bag - DIYed
goggly eyes tights - DIYed

Sorry for my super stupid face. (Remember the Lightnight I talked about last time? A super stupid lil' boy hit me with a snow ball right in my face. On my eye. And now it's red and swollen and I look so weird... Besides that, the Lightnight was super awesome. I met so many amazing people and we had so much fun. If one of you is reading this, thank you for this awesome time.) 
I actually made a behive and it looked so cool, but you cannot see it. Also, this collage is sorta ugly, but I am so tired and not really motivated.
I wore my goggly eyes tights because I think they add a creepy touch to the whole thing, and I don't have shoes for this outfit but whatever.
I put together an outfit inspired of her...

Shoes - Dr. Martens
Watch - Asos
Tulle skirt - Etsy
bow- Etsy
Tee - Asos
Blouse - Oasap

I need Dr. Martens. Right. Now.

So, how was your weekend? What do you think about Kyara Pamyu Pamyu? 

Hope your weekend was amazing,



  1. Well, your outfit is quite nice - I like the colours and stuff (reminds me a lot of Tavi)! However, I'd work on my English if I were you...

  2. The person above me is sooo RUDE! Your English is fine and I'm English! Anyway, I love your outfit - you are so coooool :D I've seen a video by Kyara Pamyu Pamyu on youtube and I thought it was really creepy, but really rad!

    Anyway, great blog, keep posting!

    rebecca x

    1. Thank you so much for this lovely comment! you made my day <33

  3. Wow, This is so lovely! I need to make a tulle skirt, yours is so perfect and pastel and puffy and man i want one. Basically so many perfect DIYs in one outfit. Also did you make the collage at the top?

  4. Ahh! This post is so much fun/crazy! Lovin' your collage, girl. And your blog? So amazing.

  5. OMG this is incredible! I'm a big fan of Kyari Pamyu Pamyu!!
    I actually saw her live last month when I visited Japan. :P

    I love everything on this post, high five!! :D

    xxx Romi > .<

    ★☆Romiya Fashion Inspiration Blog☆★

  6. all your comments on my blog make me smile so much. I love this outfit! I really want a skirt like that. You make great DIY's idk where you find time to make all these amazing things :D


  7. Your outfit is stellar! <3 I'm lovin' all the diy'ed pieces you're wearing. It's great to know that people are actually using those silly little tutorials that I put together! haha. :)

    p.s. I really don't get what that anon is talking about- your English seems perfectly clear to me! I would just ignore them. >.<

  8. oh my god, that outfit is so killer. :)

  9. Ugh I agree I'm so jealous of your mad DIY skills I love your blog to death and I only just saw it 2 minutes ago :')
    these are tears of joy