Oct 16, 2012

I made you a CD, but I ate it!

A cute ring I bought. It kinda reminds me of "Alice in Wonderland"!

I love this backpack! It's huge and I feel like a turtle when I am wearing it. It is a vintage and totally army-esque. I love it.

Hey cuties. The past few days were really tough but still fun! I was out and about the whole weekend, and when I came back home on Sunday, there was a letter waiting for me! Carla from Redpunzel (hey you!) sent me her zine! Seriously, it is the most awesome thing I own! It's named "How to be weird" and WAH. I totally freaked out when I saw it, it is oh-so-beautiful! It's my "bible for my back pocket". Thank you, Carla, YOU RULE.

I was on a fleamarket on Sunday with two friends, and it was really cool. You can see my finds above (and I also bought a patch of the Olympics from 1952! Totally Amazing, huh? ) Well, we had an awesome day together. Jana bought a Polaroid Camera - and it actually worked! We totally freaked out, basically. We made two beautiful pictures!

Today isn't as nice - I am sick. I have been suffering from a cold for the past two weeks, but now my belly hurts and everything else, too. So I am staying at home today. I am watching movies and will craft later (maybe another zine? ) and also play the piano (as if, haha.)

Have a wonderful day.


PS: Also, Rookie will send a Get-well-soon-card for Malala Yousufzai, the 14-year old blogger activist which was shot by the Taleban. Please take part and support this awesome girl! Read more here (there's a reddish box.)


  1. Flea markets are literally so amazing, I can never contain my excitement and buy SO MUCH STUFF and there are some dealers I know really well and I hang around until they're packing up and nag and get free stuff. That ring is cute and kitsch-y and childhood-ish. Wow, your friends are awesome- when I start my creative commune can they join too?

  2. Aw, thankyou;) I have a feeling your zine will come today, I have been checking the mailbox frantically. It looks like you have so much fun in Germany, sometimes I wish I lives somewhere in Europe, for some reason it seems like kids have more freedom there.
    I really like that ring too:)

    1. I am really surprised that you think we've got more freedom here. I actually don't think so - I guess kids have as much freedom here as you have in Australia. The thing is, to feel free, you have to take the freedom. And you have to know the right people ( my friends are both hippies, so freedom is really important! ). And in Australia, where everything is bigger than here, I think you feel free because of the landscape ( it's tiny-tiny here and there are more people on less space). I'd love to live in Australia!