Oct 19, 2012

Obsession: Tulle

images found on rookie and tumblr, collaged by me

Tulle is awesome. I forgot about my love for tulle for a long time, but when Rookie's monthly issue was "Drama" recently, I immediately thought of tulle and searched everywhere for my tulle skirt ( it unfortunately isn't as beautiful as I thought it was, but hey, it's still tulle and awesome! ) and finally found it. Tulle is pure Drama, Girlyness, and Beauty. It is oh-so-fluffy.
Tulle really reminds me of candy! Everytime I see a tulle skirt, I think of so many awesome ways to combine it - Candy necklaces, candy bracelets, my Alice-in-Wonderland-ring from last post, pastel-colored tights... Marshmellow-colored tulle, pink tulle, mint tulle. I want Candy! When I am wearing something tulle, I feel magical. Somehow... like a magician, a unicorn, like a marshmellow (oh wow. That was weird. Whatever...). It just feels good! And really Rookie-esque. Marlena wrote an awesome tutorial on how to make your own tulle skirt and it's so easy and totally awesome. She combined her skirt with a skeleton top. Did you hear me skeleton top. Thus, there are two ways (which I know) to combine a tulle skirt (or dress.)
  • Candy and girly and fluffy
  • Witchy and badass
Witchy and badass means, like, biker boots or Dr. Martens with tulle, Vintage Harley Davidson tees (seriously, Vintage Harley Davidson tees are the best thing ever. Search for some old ones, or a rock band fan tee, because there's nothing better. ), studs, a dog collar. I love combining stuff in a weird way - studs and lace, flowers and Dr. Martens, or tulle and badass garments! What I don't mean is black tulle, which is totally different from that (I like pastel tulle better, to be honest. (:  ) .
Anyways, tulle looks totally awesome. I put together a few outfits with tulle skirts for you, I hope you like them!

Jumper - oasap
dress - chicwish
shoes - asos
ring - topshop
bracelet - topshop

skirt - chicwish
Nirvana tee - etsy
Spiked denim jacket - topshop
skull earrings - topshop
ring - topshop
awesome shoes - Dr. Martens

( Topshop, seriously, offers the most awesome jewelery ever. )
I need those shoes - they go with everything and look more than amazing.

Dress - chicwish
Denim vest - etsy
ring - asos
Glitter skull (got that?! Glitter and skulls!) shoes  - oasap

This outfit is rather elegant. And awesome. Those shoes are so freakin' perfect! They are both glittery and studded, so what could be better?

So, how do you like those outfits? I need to get a few of those garments... I actually bough some tulle today to make a tulle skirt like Marlena's tutorial (which is so awesome!) and I am totally looking forward to this! I hope it will turn out as beautiful as hers.




  1. I absolutely adore tulle! I also absolutely adore this blog! I am following!
    Follow back?

  2. Great post! It's funny how I recognized a bunch of the pictures from the inspiration collage! :)
    Love le blog par usual :)


  3. I love tulle and I love how you paired it, especially with the Harley Davidson Tee. Since tulle is a dressy fabric, I like to dress it down with tees, basic sweaters, sneakers and such.

  4. I just picked up some tulle at the thrift store and can't wait to make something out of it!