Oct 26, 2012

Why are you a monster?

collar - thrifted
Sweater - thrifted
pants - Only, last year ( they have huge holes in the knee area and my dad wants me to throw them away...)
Shoes - asos
Spock pin - DIYed
Hey guys. How are you? My day was pretty awesome, because we had no school (well, not really, there just weren't any lessons) and I ate a lot and jerked around and it was cool. Also, I am totally fascinated by black lipstick currently - it just adds a witchy and badass touch to every outfit. I need to get a dark plum color. I should wear it everyday. I kinda like this outfit, it looks weird and I feel like extra territory, because of my Spock badge! I made it with Marlena's tutorial about two month ago and I love it, I am feeling so awesome when I am saying "Fascinating..." whilst wearing this pin. Can you tell I am a Star Trek maniac? :) 
I am off now, dance classes and stuff. I will be in town tomorrow, to a wonderful party called "Lichternacht", which means that there are TONS of tiny candles everywhere in town and it's so beautiful and romantic! You will see some awesome pictures soon.
Hope your day was amazing,

 these are the badges I made with my best buddy. I am wearing the Spock pin :)


  1. your lipstick IS amazing - what brand is it? It really suits you
    my jeans are ripped too - can't face throwing them out though xxx


  2. I love your lipstick