Oct 9, 2012

DIY goggly eyes tights

Hey lovelies! Welcome new followers, thank you so much. Today I've got a nice little DIY for you. I love creepy tights and leggins at the moment - and today my best buddy ( here's a photoshoot with her!) came up with the idea of glueing goggly eyes on tights! Genious, huh? I was like, okay, let's do that, now. Unfortunately, a few eyes fell off a couple of hours later, but I fixed them again. So, to make these tights stay forever, use super strong glue.

1. Supplies: Black tights, goggly eyes, (strong) glue.
2. Glue the eyes on. Use a hairspray can like you can see in the picture. You can arrange them randomly all over the tights, or just a line on the side, like I did!

Yay done! That was difficult, huh? ( Sarcasm in the air, my friends!) This is a very easy DIY, completed in a few minutes, and I think it turned out totally great! It is creepy and freaky and awesome at the same time. I will make an outfit post soon! How do you like it? Will you try it?




  1. Hey du! :) Ich habe dich gerade getaggt, würde mich freuen, wenn du mitmachen würdest. :)