Oct 7, 2012

Rastafari vibration


Her journal. Totally amazing, isn't it?

Hey my loves, sorry for not posting such a long time. I felt pretty uninspired. But hey, here I am, so... yay.
Anyways, yesterday was totally awesome. I spent the day with two friends (hey to you, if you are reading this) which are amazing. They are completely hippie and they just rule. They both are so freaking pretty, I cannot even tell! We took about a million pictures, listened to some reggae, jammed a bit, painted ourselves and danced around (sounds wonderful, huh?) . It was so much fun! They are so freakin' awesome and funny and hippie, and so cute and adorable and stuff! (Also, they were wearing the coolest trousers ever. ) We are planning a lot of stuff to do together - fleamarkets, partys, festivals, crafternoons, and building a swing to fly into the sky. I am so looking forward to meet them again!

Next week will be really busy. There's a bunch of stuff to do for school, I will send a zine to Carla and will make a flower crown for Maddie from Madalynne (I am so flattered to trade with them, they are so awesome!), and the weekend will be the busiest weekend ever. There's a party on Friday, dance classes on Saturday, a sleepover, more dance classes on Sunday and a fleamarket in the afternoon. Busy busy busy. So, don't be mad at me, I won't be posting next weekend. But on Monday, there'll be a HUGE post about my fleamarket finds! Promised.

Well, I hope you had a wonderful weekend!



Also, listen to this awesome concert. BOB MARLEY YAY!


  1. OH MY GOSH! i NEEEEEEEEEEDDD to be friends with your friends. They are so awesome. The drealocks, bcsdufbdwekfhcvweqf, I just died. You are so so so beeping cool. Super excited about the swap too:)

  2. Wow. your friends look so amazing. Body drawings are always so fun and those are the most amazing ones I've ever seen. And everything is so busy at the moment, I have a sort of social life for the first time ever and it's strange not always having time for stuff.
    Alssoooo, thank you so much for your lovely comment <3 You're the first to hear this, I got a beautiful albino hamster today, he's called Ziggy and is gorgeous. Oh and I'll write a proper comment tomorrow but my iternet it dying right now :(