Jan 15, 2013

And Kim's got her watermelon gun, cause its the consciousness of love. She won't give it to them, she won't give it to them.

Hey darlings. Thank you for all the supercute response for my last post. And dunno if you noticed it, but I reached 100 followers! Thank you so much! It's like a huge step in my blogging history (ehem.).  Anyways, I am very proud of this.
I am wearing a primark galaxy dress ( hm, that's a little bit too hipster) and a thrifted, DIYed shirt, and one thousand necklaces from my childhood. And a collar. That's it. I felt somehow inspired by Ghost world, and I was trying to channel the last scene where she takes the bus to nowhere, like, the unknown, tragic but also fun vibes. That sounds awful. Whatever, I needed to wear something and dressed up as a mix between a childish princess, a goth, and the wife of major tom. God, how much I love David Bowie - he's the most amazing man ever. I think I will do an Obsession post about him again, there's so much to be said about him.
Today was really nice  - My family and I went out for dinner (to celebrate 100 followers and because I acted superannoying until we actually went out), which was really cool. 

Hope you had an amazing day,



  1. Well done for 100 followers, and thankyou for reminding me I had reached 100 followers. I didn't actually notice...... Oops:) I love your outfit, I haven't seen ghost world, but it looks pretty cool. I am starting to get into David Bowie and I think he is pretty damn awesome. I always worry that something I'm wearing is too hipster, but we shouldn't worry about stuff like that. I also love your jewellery.

    It is so nice how you went out for dinner to celebrate.

    And..... I am actually starting to get really worried about the mail. I mailed it pretty much a month ago. If it is lost I will be so annoyed , I had such a nice thing to give you!!!!

  2. Awesome outfit! I absolutely love love love your lipstick and the skirt!

  3. Congrats on making it to 100 followers! Love that dress and I like how you incorporated the necklaces from your childhood.

  4. LUUUUUUUV LUUVVVV LUUUUUUV THIS. The lipstick and buttons and skirt! Uuuuuurggg!
    P.S. I nominated you for the Liebster Award! http://psychedelicdaisy.blogspot.com/2013/01/liebster-award.html

  5. gorgeous outfit. and your lipstick is THE best ever.

  6. Oh my gosh. I love that skirt! Your outfit is fabulous!

  7. THE DRESS AND THE LIPS ARE OHMYGODSOPERF. and well done for 100 followers, your blog is the best <3


  8. Your collar is super-cool! I love it! The dress is very pretty! Loving your blog!


  9. i love the dress and your lipstick? did you make the collar yourself?
    xxx Genevieve
    oh and PS David Bowie is one of the most amazing people ever. His birthday was last week and I listened to his songs over and over xxxx

  10. love the black lipstick!

  11. well done for the 100 followers! your blog is so lovely and I'm sure you'll get to 200. Have you heard Bowie's new song? it's much sadder than most of his older stuff and it's so beautiful and mournful and seeing favourite artists now they're old is so strange and they feel like family members to me. I actually met him very briefly once in London. I didn't speak to him but it was still amazing. He acted in a movie called The Prestige, have you seen it? He's incredible in it, I would never have realised it was him though.
    You wear black lipstick so well, what brand is yours?
    Oh and please join my band if they ever exist! I'm totally untalented, I always try and practise the guitar and then get distracted and ummmm fail at it but ya know.

  12. I love your lipstick and dress! I LOVE outer space, totally amazziinngg!