Jan 7, 2013

The world's in trouble, there's no communication and everyone can say what they want to say, it never gets better anyway so why should I care!

This is, seriously, the most beautiful picture of me ever. I really love it.

 Stop. Just stop being so boring.

I am not listening. Stay away.

  How much I hate it when anyone is taking pictures of me.

 So I am way too cool for you.

You are so ugly and boring, I could shit into your face. bitch.

reading Carla's zine because I don't care at all.

I took these pictures yesterday, and I really love them. I think they turned out pretty amazing, don't you think? I put on my black lipstick and argh how much I love it. The crown is DIYed, it originally was made for Maddie from Madalynne.com, but I sent her mine instead and now I am wearing this one. Anyways, I am proud of those pictures and of my camera.

I could not sleep yesterday. At eleven pm, I wrote a text about how awful school is on my typewriter. I seriously hate school at the moment - everything around you seems so extremely faked. It's like, you have to be happy all the time, but actually, you just want to cry. And it is utterly boring - the same stuff happens everyday, there is never something new. Get up in the early morning, and sit around all day long to count the minutes until the lesson is over. And then the next lesson starts. It's all so awful, I could throw up. Sorry for all this crying lately, and thank you so much for your lovely response. You guys are so incredibly lovely, I am so happy for every left comment!

So I have to go now, and yeah, I made it to post two days in a row! New year's resolution, ta-da.




  1. Oh my gosh your pictures are so lovely!

  2. aaah I always used to wear dark lipstick, but haven't worn much lately. think after seeing this post I might pick it up again though! your blog is absolutely lovely and so nice to read, and you look hot on these pictures- actually the stop being so boring one is my favourite though ;)

    I've always like school, and now I'm in the older years, with revision and such, school is really starting to drag. There are bits I love, but then orhwe bits i just think 'what is the point in learning this' gaaaaaaaah!


  3. Beautiful photos! Ich liebe deinen Ring!!! <3
    Mit der Schule ist es bei mir genau das gleiche, ich halte es im Moment gaaarnichht aus.

  4. awhh you have the most amazing eyess! I sound like a freako lesbian but i dont careee XD

  5. These photos are so beautiful <3 and yeah, school sucks :( x


  6. You look magnificent in these photos. And crying all the time is better than keeping it all inside. Crying is awesome.

    Rosie x

  7. Haha yeah, I love these so much. >.<

  8. the 1st picture it's so beautiful , you look like soo peaceful , and I really feel connected to the whole shoot , today at my school I was like shut up people I hate you all , and it's funny how you just made my day with these pictures , they have so much emotion , and so many emotions I always feel , :)

  9. You're so blessed with incredibility and beauty and smartness! Gosh I'm so jealousing I love the pictures of yourself you look absolutely amazing and even when you are speaking and there are no photos of you in sight I think you are totally spectacular! School reall is a drag of a long suffering numbness into boringville :/ I understand your feeling dreading going back to school on wednesday :| ill keep your photos in mind as inspiration though to use on people I despise at school! ;)

  10. you are so pretty! And i totally get how you feel about highschool, i hated it so much. But don't worry once you leave life is so much better!

  11. I love the lipstick on you! And I'm so jealous that you have a typewriter :) The first photo is amazing <3

    xx Lill

  12. you are so pretty:) this is such a professional photoshoot, I love the first one and the one with you putting on lipstick. It could be on the front of a magazine. READING MY ZINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awesome.

    I am sorry you feel all sad and yuck and stuff about school. I felt like that for about a term in year seven and I was ready to dig a big hole go sleep in there for a veeeeeeeeeeeeryy long time. I wish I come over to germany and make you happy:) I will say, that I really really really honestly love your blog. I know people say that all the time, but I really do mean it. I check your blog about every day to see if you've written anything, which you normally have. And then I get a little excited feeling.

    I have this small, slightly creepy, dream where we meet in germany and its snowing and then I get to meet all your friends (who also love rookie.) and we can all wear black lipstick and go places on the bus and I will wear casual clothes to school!!

  13. completely agree with everything you said about school. its utterly pointless. do you have your own zine mary??

  14. beautiful lips- these photos are divine!!! I'm sorry to hear that you are not loving school...

  15. Hi, I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Check out my latest post for more info.

  16. Hiya,
    you look so lovely and have the best sense of fashion. I am utterly in love with your outfit.


  17. your makeup looks so good!! love the black lipstick. and flower crowns are the greatest.. xxx

  18. I totally love this post and Ur blog, following <3