Jan 1, 2013

I wanna go to Brainville. Let's get in and be the first one on the block that does. They say it's the one thing everyone should have.

 Now this picture has nothing to do with New Year's Eve, I guess, but it is so beautiful.

Happy new year, lovely people! I hope 2012 was a good year for you, and I hope this year will get amazing. Let's talk a little bit about my version of last year (every blogger is doing that, I feel like that's kinda nice.)... My highlight last year was definitely starting this blog. I will wait till post one hundred, before talking about blogging and all this, but it was a awesome decision to make and I am proud of having found the courage to start this thing here. I am blogging for about half a year now, and I love it. My style has changed, become even weirder and I became a lot more confident. Another great thing was going camping with my friends. I have to smile everytime I think about it, as it was such an amazing time. I wrote about it here.
For this new year, I hope that my blog will grow, that everyone around me will be happy and that I will soon have enough money to buy Docs. Sounds like I am a shitty person. Okay, y'all, stay healthy and hopefully happy!
I spent New Year's Eve with my friends for the first time, and it was totally great. We had so much fun.

And because I do not like posts without a picture on my blog, here's a photo of me looking disgusting and wearing my favorite jumper, which I bought about three days ago. I love it, it's so comfy and the color is awesome, in my opinion. Usually, I rather don't like green, but I totally adore this shade. I have been searching for a similar one for ages, so happy I finally found it! It's from Vila, by the way.
Anyways, this is getting a weird shitty post, so I'll stop now. I will be back with a huge and beyond great DIY (which will hopefully work.. um.)




  1. I'm so glad your blog did all these amazing things for you and became a defined unique yourself :D its great
    I really love your blog cause it helped me a lot this past year so thanks for sharing your incredible life.
    You look totally beautiful in all of your shots i think you're really pretty happy new year let's hope its a fantastic one tata :)

  2. Love the black lips! I've been thinking about trying it for a while, but I can't find any black lipstick.

  3. Yay for being more confident :) It's good to express yourself! Happy new year!

    1. By the way I nominated you for a liebster award on my blog :D

  4. i'm in love with your lipstick colour..

  5. I GOT YOUR MAIL!!!!!!!!!!! It is the highlight of my year so far;) I am really in love with your lipstick, I saw this design your own lipstick thing on etsy, you can chose the colour and flavour!!! It is awesome, and hey have peanut butter flavour so......... Life complete!!

    Anyway, I would like to thank you for your lovely gifts, I love the brooch it is so lovely and helps me imagine a white Christmas. I will stick your letter up on my wall, and I hope we can write to each other lots more this year!
    Love, Carla

  6. omg did you get that picture from the vintage nat geo scans tumblr??? i am in love with it, it has been my desktop background forever!