Jan 12, 2013

Well, it seems like she can be anything, any kind of creature she wants to be. Oh, it seams like she can be anything, any kind of frog.

Hey darlings! Guess what... post number 100, baby! Congrats to me! As I have missed the first anniversary, half year blogging, I will today write about blogging, me, and life in general. Get ready, get some cookies and tea, because this will be the longest post on my blog ever.

I have been a rookie from the very beginning, and they always inspire me (I'll get to that later). Tavi's blog has also been a huge inspiration. She totally fascinated me - her style, what she' has achieved, and how she was just being herself However, I wasn't myself to that time - I was afraid, mainly because of others. But step by step I got more self-confident and curious about it all - I went thrifting, and I started DIYing many things I wore mustache prints two years before it got popular, I had flowered pants long before everyone wore them. The most important garment were a special pair of pants - they were thrifted breeches.That was the point were they started talking about me. I wore them in school with my amazing vintage lace blouse, and everyone was like "why are you wearing this?!". I wore it because I liked it, and because I was sick of being normal like everyone. Since then, I got more and more interested in fashion I found new, awesome blogs, I ordered things from online stores, I sewed dresses, I DIYed shoes, rings and made shrines, and I went thrifting. And guess what - I still had friends. Of course, people bullied me a bit, like asking me "why are wearing these strange things?" and talked bad about me, stuff like that.  I still don't understand why they behaved this mean, but I am happy that I can talk normal to them again. Anyways, in that tim I learned how not to care about other's opinions about you, which was really important. I also started to think about blogging myself. I kept a journal full of ideas and inspirations, wrote posts, and took photos of DIYs I made. I thought about the layout, and then, one day, I just said "C'mon. Just do it." I marked one day, the 5.6.12, actually, in my calendar, and told myself "this is the date where you'll start your blog". And I did. You can see the result here.
I think I started my blog because I needed space. Space to tell people my thoughts, space to share my DIYs, and my outfits. I also did so because I love writing and talking and crafting. I felt like meeting people, and talking with people. I mean, I am so incredibly happy I started my blog - it was one of the best decisions in my life.

I just realized I need a theme for my one year anniversary, so I will leave out one theme.

I made up an aim today. That's what I would love to have: Until the one year anniversary, on 5. June 2013, I aim for 200 members. So go and be a member. At this point, thank you all so much! The first thing I am doing in the morning is checking my comments, seeing if anyone has wrote something, and usually, you did. Your supercute comments always make me smile so much, you people make my day. Thank you! I could not do that without you sweet guys. And please, don't hesistate to leave anonymous comments (as long as they are nice, duh!). And, by the way, stop commenting mean shit. I don't care anyways, but it sucks.

Next topic. In which I talk about rookie and fangirl a bit (a lot).
Rookie means so much to me. As said earlier, I have been a rookie from the very beginning. I made almost every DIY they posted, and so many articles have helped me so much. They made me way more self-confident - I do believe in myself now, and I do not care anymore what others do say. But it's late and I am so tired, so I will write about this another time.

Time for me. I will tell you some stuff about me. I am, actually, the biggest Trekkie in the universe. Kirk and Spock always make my day, I really love this show! My favorite character is Spock, which is obvious, but I love him utterly. He's like so amazing - look at his ears, you have to love him. I love how funny and logical he is, at the same time. I even cried when he died. I go crazy for all those movies! My favorite one, though, is "Back to the future". It is so funny! They are acting so weird and funny in this movie, I mean, they don't even know money.  Star Trek is so perfect. And I will meet Spock one day, duh. Another weird fact about me: My nails always look so shitty. I hate removing the nail polish, so they are kinda awful. What else can I tell you... I don't wear scarves, I just don't really like how they look. I wear them only sometimes when I have to, because it's cold. Also, for those who don't know, I am vegetarian for seven years now. I hate the thought of eating something that once lived and was cute. My whole family (almost) is vegetarian, so it's pretty easy for me. It's so great to be vegetarian.
And I have to admit something: I don't use my closet and I have only few garments (which I wear) anyways. All my clothes are either on my rack or on the floor. But I am planning to improve that. So I am sorry for a) wearing all the same stuff over and over and b) not wearing shoes in so many outfit posts. I don't have enough shoes, but I am currently saving for a pair of Docs (Oh how much I love these shoes!). They look perfect with everything, but I still don't know if I should buy boots or mary janes... what do you think? I am really looking forward to them and how easy it'll be to choose shoes for an outfit now. When I am putting together a new outfit, it looks like this: First, I am like "Oh shit you need to post something". Most of the time, sometimes I am just in the mood for fashion. Then, I feel rather uninspired, so I'll search some blogs and tumblrs for my inspiration or so. Sometimes, I write some shit on my typewriter, which is incredibly inspiring. After that, I sat down right on the floor, in the middle of all my clothes, and pick something out. I am grabbing a top, holding it beneath all my skirts and pants and tights and socks, seeing what would look good together. This is how I put together outfits. I am not often wearing jewelery with it, mostly because it is to expensive and also too time-consuming (lazy people alert). But I love to mix collars with everything - I am wearing one almost everyday. I think many readers know that already. And now, I don't know what else I can tell you. Besides I want to be the girl in this picture.

So, I really hope you like my blog, I am thankful for all the cute comments and followers! I am so happy about positive response. Thank you all so much, each and every one of you! (Now leave a comment.)

Love you,



  1. Your whole story is tres incredible where you came from and where you are now, you went through tough trials and tribulations but you came out on top and completely fantastic.I happened upon your blog one day cause you commented on rookie and I thought you were so amazing even from your comments, I never used to comment cause I was too shy but now I do cause you should be praised for you spectacularness.Rookie and Tavi and wonderful people like you inspire me to be myself and learn to love what I like and not give a shit what anyone thinks about me!I love your blog soo much because its so unique and I love to read about your life, I'm having a tough time at school cause noone really likes me but I know that when I read your blog or anyone elses I feel like your kind of like a friend to me and I'm not alone and I have hope that one day I will actually have a friend who does like me for who I am. Happy belated anniversary and 100th post, keep being radical and magical and wonderful and every other amazing adjective to describe you, I hope you keep blogging so I have good things to look forward to!! Tata :D

  2. great post, loved it! happy 100th post :) you seem like such an awesome person, and i'm glad you're not afraid to be yourself because you are AWESOME the way you are!


  3. Woooohoooo! Congratulations!!! I love it how you told us about how you started a blog. I am so glad you got over people being mean to you about what you wear, that makes me smile, because I know so many people who freak out over being too weird. Sometimes I just want to yell at those annoying girls dressed in their short shorts who look at you like you are some alien, or something gross curled up in a shower drain. It is so good that the Internet is here, so we can all be friends!!! Hooray!! You are an excellent blogger, I really mean that, and I am sure you will reach 200 followers by the one year anniversary!!
    Ps: doc martens are super cool. I am looking for some cheaper ones because they are so expensive!!!! I will probably end up getting Mary Janes, less people have them and they are pretty cute.

  4. Just wanted you to know that I love your blog! I only recently started my own, and your blog and Rookie are two of the most inspiring to me :)

  5. Happy 100th post! I love your blog and your style. It's so cool that you live in Germany (i've been learning German since I was 8)(I'm 17).
    Anyways, now I'm a member!

  6. This is such a lovely post, congratulations on reaching your 100th! I've recently converted to vegetarianism (omg I made not eating animals sound like a freaky cult) so if you're ever thinking about posting feelings or ideas on that sort of thing, I would love it! Can't wait to see your Doc Martens when you get them x

  7. congratzz gurrrl. i love this post, the rookie bit sounds just like me, how it made me more confident :) this is one of my favourite blog posts ever <33


  8. yay, congratulations your 100th post!! i think you should get doc marten boots because i think they're timeless. but i also really like the mary janes! i guess it mostly depends on your outfits..

  9. Wow ich bewundere dich, wirklich! Glückwunsch zu deinem 100sten Post.
    Dass du das anziehst was du magst ist wirklich mutig und bewundernswert. :)
    Rookie ist auch für mich eine große Inspiration, ich kenne es leider erst seit 2/3 Monaten.
    Ich wünsche dir noch ganz viel Glück und Freude bei dem was du machst. <3 <3 <3

  10. Congratulations! Your such an inspiration to teenage girls, like myself. Thank you for sharing your story.

  11. Aww, congratulations! I love your blog. Rookie is such an inspiration to me, too--I know what you mean about the self-confidence thing. :)

  12. You are so cute, I think your blog is great and you can consider myself followed! I think you've come a long way and its great to see what a wonderful lady you've become, I'm sure Tavi loves you as much as you love too!

  13. woohoo congrats on your 100th post! im really glad you ignored all those silly samey people because youre so uttely damn cool just the way you are.
    never stop blogging (or i might start crying)
    genie xx

  14. I love this <3 I'm saving up for a pair of Doc boots at the moment too :) what colour are you going to get?? I don't know whether to go for black velvet, patent black or matte black though :/ I've had people be mean to me about the way I dress too but teenage girls suck :@ keep blogging, honey <3