Jan 6, 2013

The second star to the right, shines with a light that's rare and if it's Never Land you need its light will lead you there

My cat would like to say "hello" to you. She's beating my keyboard like crazy. 
My vein tights from Oasap finally arrived! It took way too long, they should have been here two weeks ago! But it was worth it - they are fitting perfectly, and they look so great (better than they do in the picture.). My tulle skirt is from my childhood, the shirt was a gift from a annoyed lady on a fleamarket, and all my buttons are either thrifted or DIYed. And I glued a flower on my face, because I am a faker. Sometimes I feel like I do not have ideas at all, so much stuff is just "inspirated" by other people. I mean, I do have ideas, but not everything DIYed by me or something is my idea. I feel kinda bad about telling you this. 
Anyways, I think this outfit is one of my favourites so far. 
School is starting tomorrow and I am spending my time with editing pictures on my computer until they look extremely ugly, with playing with my new ring, playing with my cat and with feeling sorry for myself because I hate school. School is exactly like it is shown in "freaks and geeks". Annoying people, weird teachers and only staring at the clock until the lesson is over. But maybe it is not that bad because I will see my friends again.

Closeup of the buttons and the tights... 

Rock am Ring, for all the not-germans, is a huge Festival here. 
The Kitten ring is new - isn't it adorable? It was on sale and there's a kitty wearing a crown on it - it couldn't be better. 

Another closeup of my Tavi badge. It is slightly broken, as I am wearing it, like, really often.

And I wore my favorite (aka only) lipstick. I feel so badass and rookie wearing it. Another closeup. 

Whatever. I made some supercool pictures today, I think I will upload them tomorrow. Well, that's all.

Hope you are having a lovely day,



  1. Don't feel bad about feeling that the DIY's you do aren't unique, because they totally are, and it's hard to think of new things nowadays because EVERYTHING'S been thought of already! That Tavi badge is SHAMAZING, Rookie is my life now!!!
    I love your blog!
    -Hannah x

  2. I start school again tomorrow also. The worst part though, is that my school decided it would be a good idea to give their students their Finals right after break. :( And I LOVE your Tavi button! I made a few about a week ago, but I didn't think about putting rhinestones on them!

  3. Habe dich durch Rookie gefunden und ich finde deinen Blog supercool!
    Das Outfit ist so schön und cool und dein Blog ist so süß!

    1. A german rookie? oh please please we need to be friends! thank you so much <3

    2. Yeah, but I'm from Austria.
      Haha absolutely ! :)

  4. Thank you so much for your amazing comment <3 I totally agree with everything you said. The photoshop thing is especially disgusting when influential bloggers like Tavi appear in magazines photoshopped and they're meant to be all real and like us and it's really depressing. About the letter really isn't creepy, I write people letters all the time which I don't send. Would you like to write to each other? (like actual physical letters not email because letters are so much more fun.) Good luck with school, I'm kind of trying to not hate it for half a term just as an experiment. Urgh. What year are you in?

  5. hi mary, love your outfit, although the tights are kind of creeping me out a little bit. That lipstick is gorgeous, what brand/shade is it? Good luck with the first day back at school, and don't worry about not feeling like you are the most original person ever - all ideas have to come from somewhere, and if you can inspire other people, then that is a good thing! xx

  6. I love that cat badge so much!

  7. Such cool tights! And your DIYs are totally cool, everyone needs inspiration from somewhere :)
    And that sucks you have to go back to school soon ): I have 1 and a half months left of holiday still hooray.

  8. Your outfit is gorgeous, I love those pins. Also, I feel EXACTLY the same way, except you're way cooler and more original than I am.
    And uggghhh school.

  9. THOSE TIGHTS ARE SO AMAZING! And I adore your cat ring!

  10. This outfit is SO COOL! Your lipstick and tights and your Tavi badge are da best. I hope school doesn't suck a ton when it starts back up for you :P

  11. Yay! If your tights arrived it means my letter will arrive very soon... Unless that evil post office lady is actually evil like we suspect and has done something truly malicious with it. I love your tavi badge:):):):)
    Also, don't worry about having no completely original ideas. That is normal. I think it is a,most impossible to come up with an idea with no inspiration or anything from anyone. Plus it is fun seeing the strange mix of things that inspire you to do something. Anyway, I think your DIYs are pretty cool, you are talented just to do them.
    Hope you have a fun day at school. I am so jealous that you have no uniform, so jealous that I will fly over to Germany and come live with you and go to your school and we can be weirdos together:)

  12. LOVE the outfit :) xx


  13. Do you think you could maybe to a DYI on those badges/pins? That would be amazing!!