Jan 27, 2013

We scanned the skies with rainbow eyes and saw machines of every shape and size, we talked with tall Venusians, passing through. And Peter tried to climb aboard but the Captain shook his head and away they soared limbing through the ivory vibrant cloud.

Hey guys! I am just popping in for telling your that I have joined Eva's "The Wandering" ! Yay! I am so happy and proud about this. It makes me very exited and I already made a few things to submit. Wohoo!
This weekend was very busy, but awesome. On Friday, I did my first Tarot ever. I went to a friend, we listened to Pink Floyd records and then we gave each other Tarot readings. It was amazing!

On Saturday, we (my best friend and I) went to the woods to make some pictures. It was so great, but just awfully cold. The pictures turned out wonderful, though! I took my lovely new tiara with me, and ran around like a princess (until I almost froze to death, then I looked more like a weird chihuahua... well.). See, awesome weekend! I was really happy anyways, because it was possible for me to not stand up at six am damnit. Waking up, I actually couldn't believe that there was no school today. This week seemed so incredibly long... I'm glad it's over, but unfortunately, a new week is starting tomorrow ( duh. ) and I don't want to go to school again. I am desperately trying to be happy this week, though, let's see if it works.

Hope your weekend was awesome,



  1. Ooh what did your reading say? And can't wait to see the pics you and your friend too :)

  2. Hey Mary, I nominated you for the Leibster Award. Please check it out! :-)



  3. Congrats on joining the family! What did your reading say? I have a pack of tarot cards and i so want to learn to read them xo